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the wellness package

Weekdays, 10AM - 6PM
Weekends, 10AM - 4PM
Price $265 per person

Complete rejuvenation, be well.



Cannabis Massage Near Me - Studio

Cannabis Cooking Class 3215 Zuni St, Denver, CO 80211

3101 Walnut St, Ste 200, Denver, CO 80211


Therapists Will Travel To Your Location


2242 W 29th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

Off-Site Mobile IV

Registered & Licensed Nurses Will Travel To Your Location



The details

To begin, start by revitalizing your body and soul with The Wellness Package...it's magical.  First, immerse yourself in serenity with a cannabis massage infused with CBD oil by LoDo Massage. Then, take a plunge into hydration therapy with Onus IV's- Apex Drip.  

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CBD Massage

With this, if you are looking to relax your body and mind, the cannabis massage is for you. To clarify, our licensed massage therapist can provide an in-room or in-studio massage using a variety of all natural cannabis-infused lotions. With that said, since there is no THC among the cannabinoids, there are no psychoactive effects -- just soothing sensations and relaxing relief from pain. Ultimately, this is a great way to experience the healing properties of the cannabinoid known as CBD.

On another note, the in-room cannabis massages are offered at participating locations, in-home, or in your hotel room (pending availability). To add to that, cannabis-infused massages are performed with the highest quality marijuana oils and creams containing active CBD, which is known for its therapeutic properties of anti-inflammation and pain relief. As a result, a sense of deep relaxation, and even a sense of “floating” is normal after a deep cannabis-infused massage session. Keep in mind, this only the first half of the magical wellness package.

A side note, massages are available at a Denver-based massage center or in-home (Over 30 Miles from 80202 incur a $20 additional charge).


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IV Hydration

Next, what you can expect is this-  when you get an IV Hydration treatment before the party starts or within the first day or two of your arrival to the "Colorful" Colorado, it will ACTUALLY cut out altitude sickness before it begins and helps mitigate hangovers before you start drinking.  In addition, Onus IV has concocted a special blend of Vitamins and Nutrients called the "Apex Drip" to ripen the experience for our 420 friendly guests!

The "Apex Drip"

Further, the "Apex Drip" is a perfect saline recipe to stay on your A-game.  To clarify, it includes B Vitamins, Double Glutathione, and Vitamin C.  In the same vein, this blend will provide our guests with an antioxidant boost, plus the Glutathione will help cleanse the system of any free radicals & toxins.  For instance, an article on NBCNews.com reads "You will feel like a whole new human", and we're here to tell you that it's true... because we tried it.  In addition, these treatments are also trending nationwide for skin clarity, overall system detoxification and all around wellness.

In summary, IV Hydration treatments are available at a Denver-based IV Bar located in the Highlands or in the privacy of your 420 friendly hotel accommodations (In-Room treatments come with travel fees based on your location).  And, be sure to ask about Add-On ingredients as well as other drips tailored to your individual lifestyle needs.

What you can expect from The Wellness Package-

Most importantly, book your wellness package today and return tomorrow a whole new you.  Thus, there is no better way to get in your A-game state of mind and physical well being. Lastly, My 420 Tours has partnered with the best in the industry to provide these experiences.  Your expectations should be high, because-  that's where we like to operate.


You must be 21 years of age to attend our experiences. Please make sure to bring your non-expired ID, or State issued License. Temporary IDs cannot be used to validate entry into dispensaries and/or grow facilities. Non-US Citizens must present a valid passport to enter cannabis businesses. These are the rules of the Marijuana Enforcement Division. 

Another thing, if you currently are diagnosed with compromised kidneys, congestive heart failure, high blood pressure (over 180), or cyclical vomiting (symptoms of over use of cannabis), IV Hydration is NOT recommended.  What you need to know is, consumption of any drugs or alcohol is prohibited during the treatment.  Lastly, guests cannot be intoxicated or visibly under the influence of ANYTHING.  To be clear, in the event that intoxication is detected by staff, the guest will be refused treatments without a refund.  

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colorado vacation

All-Inclusive Vacation


Call to request

Starting at $1295
Three Days. 420 Everything. A three-day vacation package with all the best activities and a 420-friendly hotel stay.

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Denver pot tours - sushi and joints

Sushi & Joint Rolling Class

Every Thu, Fri, and Sat

7PM - 9PM

$79 Per Guest
Sushi. Joints. Denver-style. Refine your joint rolling technique and learn to roll sushi. Then feast on your creations.
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Denver pot tours - greenhouse grow

The Complete Cannabis Tour

Every Sat, Sun and Mon at 11:30AM

And now Tues from 2:30AM -4:30PM

$59 Per Guest
A Window Into Weed. Get a panoramic view of craft cannabis production, led by experts at Seed & Smith.
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Denver pot tours - greenhouse grow

Greenhouse Grow Tour

Every Tue, Wed, Thurs, and Fri 

11AM - 1:30PM

$69 Per Guest
Denver’s Best Grow Tour. Explore Euflora’s greenhouse, one of a few grows in CO that harnesses natural sunlight.
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Denver pot tours - beer and weed

Buds & Beers: A Grow & Brewery Tour

Every Thu, Fri and Sat 


$89 Per Guest
A Cannabis-themed Beer Tour. Get lit like the locals on a party bus to a grow house, dispensaries, & a craft brewery.
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Denver pot tours - cooking with cannabis

Custom Sushi & Joint Rolling Class

Everyday beginning at 11AM
$550 for parties of 3 people
Roll J's and Sushi. These is not a more creative and fun way to enjoy Denver than this right here!
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