In this blog, My 420 Tours gets a raving customer review from one of their traveling tourists that experienced My 420 Tours exclusive tours. Read about Craig’s experience with My 420 Tours below:

My 420 Tours is taking the Cannabis Tourism concept to the next level. Only the finest hotels, rooms, food and more. Everything was coordinated and planned to the T. I was very impressed that a Cannabis Tour company was so well run. Kudos to Mr. Walker and his incredible staff. All of my travel needs were completely taken care of before and after the trip.
I arrived in Denver for the 4-day All Inclusive Cannabis Tour this past Memorial Day 2014 weekend. My 420 Tours picked me up at the airport on time and I was dropped at the hotel in style. My 420 Tours has rooms set aside at the downtown Denver Crowne Plaza. Can you say, Posh? My room was ready 3 hours ahead of check in time. Sweet. This left me ample opportunity to cruise the Cannabis dispensary scene before the “official” tour begins. I made some serious rookie mistakes on Day 1. The first time you enter a dispensary and begin ordering from the menu, try to keep in mind your length of stay. I was in Denver for only 4 days but bought a month worth of flower. I purchased way more product that I would be able to consume in 4 days.

The Thursday night meet and greet was super fun. We got to meet our Tour Leader, Megan Page. Megan is brilliant. Mr. Walker has put together a staff of industry professionals who really know their stuff. Ms. Page is a former budtender, dispensary manager and Cannabis testing lab technician. She was quite impressive and a lot of fun to talk to about every Cannabis topic I could think of, including land race, Cannabinoid receptor mapping and HPLC.  I personally learned a lot talking to Megan and I expect you will too.  She’s terrific.

We left the Thursday night meet and greet with our loaned Silver Surfer’s. The Crowne Plaza lets you vape in your room. This turned out to be quite the coup for those staying at the Crowne Plaza. We had other sample tour members Friday and Saturday that said they were not able to “smoke” or “vape” at their respective hotels. I can only say, “You should have stayed with us.”    It was crazy cool.  The only suggestion I would make is providing the vaporizers ahead of the meet and greet (although the vaporizers had to be signed for and demonstrated for proper use).  I would have liked to have vaped some flower before 8:00pm Thursday night, but I made due with elixirs and hash oil.

We started right at 10 am on Friday morning and visited The Mile High Club.  Then off to the cooking class, hosted by Blaine. We sampled many Cannabis infused products and made a delicious Cannabis infused trail mix with dried fruit and granola. The Roast Pork Tenderloin with Cannabis-Infused Balsamic Glaze was by far the hit of the class.  Blanie was very sharp and answered all of my questions about making tinctures.  Not too mention, they have a beautiful kitchen in the heart of Denver.  I walked into a little slice of heaven.

Saturday’s grow tour left me dying to uproot my life and move to Colorado. I am seriously interested in growing so this was the most important part of the trip. I was able to talk to Megan and the head grower at the La Conte’s grow operation which was very impressive. They harvest 100 lbs per week so you know they are doing amazing things. I believe most of their product goes to their dispensaries and an edible company.

Saturday we also met more tour staff members. Dirck was on point and also extremely knowledgeable. We spent quite of bit of time talking about various land race strains, the emerging industry and Cannabis prohibition & history. Both Megan and Dirck were like Cannabis encyclopedia’s. They knew the best strains, the genetics, the effects and most importantly, the value of the medicine.  I was in awe and they made me feel right at home.

The one aspect of the My 420 Tour that I liked most was the tours were scheduled between 10 am and 5 pm. This left plenty of time to experience the real Colorado Rocky Mountain High.  Denver is a amazing city filled with truly the best people I have ever met.

A big big thanks to Mr. Walker, Dirck, Megan and Jen. You guys made this a trip of a lifetime. I will definitely coming back for the Mountain Tour this fall.

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