What marijuana is commonly called varies by country, region, decade and formality. However, since the legalization in 24 states and D.C., marijuana is now more commonly referred to as cannabis, commonly misspelled as “cannibus” and “canabis.” Also, when something is “420 friendly” it means that marijuana consumption is permitted or encouraged to different extents.

What is Cannabis?
marijuana is the same as cannabis, marijuana nuggets

Cannabis is the scientific name for the marijuana plant and is therefore the proper terminology. In states where cannabis is legalized, the days of having to refer to it using black market, street terms like “sticky icky,” “ganja,” “nug,” or (insert your favorite code word here) have long gone. In many ways, the legalization legitimized and formalized an entire professional and lucrative Cannabis Industry, so using the proper terminology will keep the momentum of the sophisticated business going and will help to dispel some of the stoner stereotypes associated with cannabis.

What does 420 friendly mean?

smoking marijuana in Denver, 420 friendly
If you read that something is “420 friendly” like 420 tours, 420 friendly hotels in Denver, 420 friendly bus tours, Colorado 420 vacations or 420 friendly transportation, it means that these things are cannabis friendly. This means that smoking cannabis is not only permitted, but encouraged.  But, please note that marijuana friendly hotels in Denver only permit vaporizing cannabis, since it is odor and smoke free.

If you are interested in visiting Colorado for the Denver cannabis vacation of a life time and you want to find out about cannabis friendly hotels, tours, transportation and more use “cannabis” or “420 friendly” in your search engine. For example: 420 tours, 420 friendly hotels in Denver, 420 events in Denver, 420 concerts in Denver.  Also if you come to the Colorado to explore the adult Disney World that is Denver, using the proper terminology in dispensaries will help the bud tenders serve you in the most efficient way possible.

Bottom line: cannabis is the same as marijuana, pot, bud, herb, and green, but cannabis is the proper and more commonly used terminology.

What are some of your favorite “code” words for cannabis? Share your thoughts on social media!

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