30 Ways to Ring In Your 30s in the Mile High City

Turning 30. Either you’ve already gotten it over with, or you will face the end of your 20s soon enough. Watching your youth slip away and full-on adulthood set in doesn’t have to be a crisis. It’s also cause for celebration. As you brainstorm your 30th birthday party ideas and pluck your first grays, just keep in mind that 30 is the new 20, you’re not old yet, and most of us are happier and more stable on the other side. It’s time to party as if it’s your 21st birthday — but upgraded with better tastes, more money, and cooler friends.

Here in sunny, leisure-friendly Denver, Colorado, we’ve found many ways to celebrate the milestones of adulthood. With legalized recreational cannabis and one of the hottest craft beer scenes in the country, Denver is arguably the best place in the States to enter your 30s on a high note. Here are a few 30th birthday party ideas for every type of soon-to-be thirty-something.


Brewery Tour

Did you know that Colorado produces more beer per capita than any other state? It’s true, and the Denver area is host to a myriad of breweries to sample. And with more options than you can shake even the longest of sticks at, you will surely find a brew that fits your tastes and pick new favorites in the Centennial State. A breweries tour never goes out of style among 30th birthday party ideas. Browse a list of the Denver’s best brewery tours.

30th birthday party ideas - the club gif

Hit The Club

Quick, plan one last club night before the gray hairs and crows feet set in. This ranks high among 30th birthday party ideas for those who love to dance, grab some good friends, a couple good drinks, maybe even a VIP table, and be yourself in a judgement free place where you’re free to bust moves until your heart’s content. Denver may be casual but it’s home to a bustling nightlife, with wide variety of options, making it easy to find your kind of crowd. Take your pick from Denver’s most popular nightclubs.

Go to Vegas

The ultimate way to relive your 21st birthday before you’re too old to handle it. If you float an escapade in Sin City as a 30th birthday party idea to your friends, be sure to follow up with some research on cheap flights from Denver. Get all those 20-something wild things out of your system and come home a grown-ass adult.

Visit a Local Winery

Wine is universal. The art of winemaking has existed since at least 4100 B.C., and you can find people trying their hand at this craft almost anywhere in the world. Find a local winery, such as Infinite Monkey Theorem here in Denver, and give it good look around. For 30th birthday ideas that are both outdoorsy and refined, make it a road trip to Colorado’s wine country the Grand Valley. Out on the western slope, you can roll from winery to winery on cruiser bicycles in the quaint little town of Palisade.

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Cannabis Party Bus in Denver

Speaking of green and purple crops, Colorado is home to a growing billion dollar marijuana industry, and what better way to experience Denver than aboard a 420-friendly bus? Roll hazy and in style around the Mile-High City. At My 420 Tours, we’re full of weed-themed 30th birthday party ideas. Revelers can hop on any of our daily Denver pot tours (the Budz and Sudz party bus is highly recommended), or get fancy with a private cannabis tour

80s Birthday Party

For the do-it-yourselfers out there, we have a more original 30th birthday party ideas: Build a theme around your favorite things from your birth year, or just favorite things from that decade in general. The 80s were a fun time, so bust out the NES, Michael Jackson CDs, or Rubik’s Cubes for a party that will invoke a sense of nostalgia to all guests in attendance.

Find a Festival

Why party for one day when you can make it last at least a full weekend and see dozens of bands of a handful of stages? A big music festival belongs on the top of the 30th birthday party ideas list, especially if it’s still on your “things to do at least once in my 20s” checklist. Take a look at the lineups of some future music festivals nationwide.

30th Birthday Party Ideas For The Urbanite

Cooking Class

You’re no old dog, so you’re more than capable of learning new tricks, so why not learn a few you can use in the the kitchen? A flavorful pick among 30th birthday party ideas for those of us who love hands-on experiences. Look up a local cooking school and learn to make one of your favorite meals. Or, for a truly elevated Denver-style experience, make it a cooking with cannabis class.

Dinner, Drinks, and Dessert

You’ve had your entire 20s to form some foodie proclivities. What we would consider as the “ol’ reliable” of 30th birthday party ideas, the classic wine and dine option is as ageless as it is dependable. Find a list of some of Denver’s top eateries.

Painting Class

For those of us who were big Bob Ross fans, this 30th birthday party idea is right up our alley. Sure to please the artistic ones out there, expand your artistic capabilities with a painting class. Painting not your thing? Perhaps look into local pottery, metalworking, or even carpentry at a classes. In the mile high city, it’s not hard to find an adults-only cannabis-infused version of painting, pottery, and most arts and crafts classes you can can imagine.


30th birthday party ideas - sushi rolling

Sushi & Joint Rolling Class

Another one of our “only in Denver” 30th birthday party ideas. This is surefire winner for those of us who love hands-on experiences, cannabis, sushi, or any combination of the three. Sip sake and learn to roll joints which you can smoke on site before learning to roll your own sushi. Come hungry, leave cloudy, satisfied, and better at rolling joints. Consider it a kickoff to your high rolling 30s. Learn more about this Denver-exclusive Sushi and Joint Rolling experience.

Concert at Red Rocks

Although Colorado may be notorious for the green, the Red Rocks Amphitheatre is its naturally scarlet-hued gem that is gaining more notoriety with each passing year. Patriotic Denverites consider it to be the best outdoor music venue in the world. Huge headliners seem to be magnetically attracted to “the Rocks”, and attending a concert here is the best of 30th birthday party ideas for live music lovers among us. Find a list of Red Rocks concerts.

Comedy Club

“I just really don’t like to laugh much,” said nobody, of any age, ever. Comedy clubs are often overlooked, but can make for memorable nights full of laughter. Consider checking out a local comedy club for your next 30th birthday celebration. Who knows? You may even end up being a part of act on account of the special occasion.

Try an Escape Room

From their beginnings in major Asian cities, escape rooms have mushroomed in popularity all over the globe. This is an instance where life mimics technology — escape rooms started as puzzle-solving video games. In Denver, we already have a handful to choose from, each with their own flavor. Check out this escape room roundup by our friends at Sensi.

See a Play

Now that you’re entering your 30s, it’s time to treat yourself to some sophisticated grownup entertainment. Watching the art of thespianism live on stage is a culturally rich experience and a source for a number of 30th birthday party ideas. Check out what’s playing at the Denver Center of Performing Arts, which always has a full line-up. Have a soft spot for Shakespeare particularly? Boulder hosts the Colorado Shakespeare Festival every year.


30th birthday party ideas - karaoke


We all have that one friend who thinks they would have won American Idol, so why not let them live out their dreams for a night? Give them a 30th birthday party to remember by giving them the chance to sing a playlist of their favorite songs for dozens of adoring fans (or even just a few people at a local bar — that’s okay too). Armida’s is the Denver go-to for good karaoke vibes.

Urban Scavenger Hunt

Another great one for the do-it-yourselfers, lead your loved one on a local excursion for their 30th birthday, perhaps including a surprise at the last stop. What takes place at each stop is up the organizer(s), but give somebody a reason to visit all the places they love in the same day, and even add a fun twist by engaging local bystanders in the tasks.

30th Birthday Party Ideas For The Outdoorsy Type

Park Day and BBQ

One of those 30th birthday party ideas for those of us who prefer the simple things (and free public places). Meet with friends at a park for food, fun, and celebration. Bring plenty of food for the grill, or set it up pot-luck style. Frisbees, a volleyball net, and lawn games or other weed-infused games are a must. Nothing beats a good meal in the sun coupled with good company to ring in a new decade in life.

Camping Trip

Life is not complete in Colorado without a camping trip on the calendar. Consider planning a camping trip (perhaps to somewhere you’ve never been?), and celebrate your 30th under the stars around a blazing campfire.

30th birthday ideas for the outdoorsman

Hike a 14er

The state of Colorado is home to a staggering 53 mountains that are 14,000 or more feet tall (i.e. super high). Summiting any one of these peaks is an accomplishment and a coveted item on the Colorado travel checklist. Not the lightest of 30th birthday party ideas, this feat will likely test your strength and tolerance of high altitudes. These are not your average hiking trails — be sure to prepare!

Go Horseback Riding

Wind in the hair is a phenomenon most often associated with high-powered vehicles these day, but there’s something to be said for how exhilarating it is to feel that sensation from horseback. Colorado is part of cowboy country in the Great American West, meaning a dude ranch is never far away. Consider a private horseback excursion for your birthday celebration.

Go Skydiving

If turning 30 makes you want to jump out of a plane, then go for it. With a parachute, of course. It’s one of those 30th Birthday party ideas that also belongs on a general life bucket list and falls squarely into the “do it while you’re young” category as well. Fear of heights: confronted. Fear of aging: sorry — can’t help you there.

Visit a Hot Springs

This 30th birthday party idea takes everything you love about hot tubbing, minus the chlorine. Here in Colorado, natural hot springs exist all over the place. Everything from luxury resorts to primitive river springs are hidden in the high country of the Rocky Mountains. If you’re visiting the Centennial State, you can find the hot spring nearest you.

30th birthday party ideas - hiking

Plan a Hut Trip

Something else that may pique the interest of the outdoorsman or woman would be a hike-in hut trip. Blaze the trail to your secluded mountain getaway, far far away from civilization but with access to the huts’ cuzy off-grid amenities. Brave the alpine wilderness to reap the reward of coming across a beautiful cabin-like ‘hut’, sure to keep you warm in the fierce winter or cool in the summer heat. Learn more about Colorado hut trips.

30th Birthday Party Ideas For The Wellness Nut

Get an Infused Massage

Let your body relax, as a trained professional massages away your worries — a luxurious birthday gift to yourself. In Colorado, you can even experience an ‘elevated’ massage, using cannabis infused body lotions (with non-psychoactive CBD oils in case you have drug tests to pass). Find out more about these infused massages.

30th birthday ideas - elevated yoga

Take an Elevated Yoga Class

Speaking of elevated experiences, a more original of all the 30th birthday party ideas would be a private ‘elevated’ yoga class. Exercise your mind and body at once with a yoga class you will not soon forget. When in Denver, do as the Denverites and look for any of half a dozen studios offering this heady twist on yoga class.

Get Your Fortune Told

We all know hindsight is 20/20. Unfortunately our foresight cannot always be so clear. If you’re feeling inquisitive about the future, upgrade from your magic eight ball to practitioner services. A reading also makes a great “first time” occasion for newbies to the occult. Suspend your skepticism and just enjoy the experience with an open mind as you consult a local psychic and get a glimpse of what’s in store for the next decade and beyond.

Run a Marathon

The title of this one will cause some to skip over this list item, but some of us relish the physical accomplishment that comes with completing a marathon. So look up a marathon in a city you’ve never been to, and give yourself a grand tour of sorts on foot. This is especially good for those who are aiming to look about the same on their 40th birthday as they do on their 30th.

30th birthday ideas - run a marathon

Go on a Meditation Retreat

One of the more immersive 30th birthday party ideas in this list, indulge yourself both physically and spiritually with a meditative getaway. Locations such as the Shambhala Mountain Center, nestled away in the Rockies of Colorado, host yogic and meditative retreats all year long.

Essential Oils Party

Yes, this is a thing. Essential oils are all the rage here in Denver. If you live here you probably know at least one person repping an essential oils brand. This friend is easily offended by the phrase “pyramid scheme” and would be thrilled to throw you a (sales) party. Play “name that scent”, enjoy drinks or food infused with your favorite oils, and create new blended scents during a party that’s sure to leave everyone feeling good and smelling even better.

Whose 30th Birthday Party Ideas Are These?

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