This past May, Ian and his dad Greg took a weed tour together. For the tour guides at My 420 Tours, it’s not uncommon to see adult families sharing a cannabis experience. As the stigma around marijuana use lifts and it becomes more acceptable, we predict that partaking with parents will become a cozy and intimate rite of adulthood, just like sharing a bottle of wine.

We caught up with Ian and Greg after their father-son trip aboard the 420 bus to find out a little more about how cannabis brings them together and adds to the family dynamic. Their story is inspiring. What if all parents could connect like this with their grown-up kids? It could go a long way toward bridging the gaps between generations, between medical and recreational use, between judgment and acceptance.

Enjoyment for Ian, pain relief for Greg

Ian, 23, is from Ottowa, Illinois but he’s been living in Denver for about a year now. He’s enjoying being a twenty-something transplant here in the Mile High City, including the recreational cannabis that comes along with the lifestyle.

Meanwhile, back in Illinois, his father Greg, 51, has recently qualified for medicinal marijuana. The weed-scape in Illinois is still much more prohibitive and “far behind” than in Colorado, so Ian invited his dad out to Colorado to see what a fuller legalization looks like. “It was cool to experience something like this tour with him, so I can give him some of the knowledge I’ve gained here,” said Ian.

Greg, Ian’s dad, is thrilled with the new medicinal possibilities open to him. “The mere fact is that it’s working, it’s helping with my problem,” said Greg of his throbbing right-temple pain. “If they didn’t allow it in Illinois, I don’t know what I’d be doing.”

Did Greg use marijuana recreationally before he qualified as a med user? “Back when I was his age,” he smiled, nodding toward Ian, “he couldn’t have kept up with me!”

Sparking a change of heart

As Ian and Greg point out, the hardest part of using cannabis together as an adult family can be the members who still haven’t accepted it. In Greg’s case, his wife had always disapproved of recreational use, but she got on board with medicinal as soon as she saw its positive effects on Greg. Now she’s the one to remind Greg to go to the cannabis store when he’s getting low on supply. “I’d never heard her say anything like that in the 34 years we’ve been married!”

It was actually Ian’s mom’s idea for them to take a My 420 Tour. “I think she just wanted us to do something together,” said Ian. “She knew that my dad needed a better knowledge of it, and that it’s something we could connect about.”


First time toking with Dad

Ian and Greg had never shared a cannabis experience before Greg’s visit to Denver. Their first session was at Ian’s apartment on arrival, and once more on their Greenhouse Grow and Dispensary Tour. The highlight for them was the grow room, where they got their cameras out. The biggest surprise was the plants themselves. “I didn’t expect the buds to be that big. They were beautiful,” recalls Ian.

Ian and Greg came prepared with their own supplies to share on the bus. While the other guests were passing around joints and blunts, Greg had his medicinal vape pen, which is his preferred way to consume. Ian had brought his own Dr. Dabber dab rig with him.

Advice for adult families

How can adults break the ice with their parents about using cannabis and sharing it as a family experience? Ian and Greg had some good words of wisdom.

“Don’t be shy,” says Ian. “And if you don’t want to, don’t be afraid to say ‘no thanks.””

Was there any hesitation? “I was a little nervous to smoke with him at first,” admits Ian, “but then I was like, ‘Why? He’s my dad, I’d love to smoke with him’. Your parent probably wants to smoke together just as much as you do.”

“Ask the wife first,” laughed Greg. “That’s my number one piece of advice!”

While Ian’s mom and sister have come a long way in accepting Ian and Greg’s cannabis use together, they still aren’t quite ready to join them on a tour or plan a mother-daughter cannabis getaway of their own. Ian and Greg kept the rest of the family posted on tour via Snapchat. As of the time of the interview, they were still waiting to see what kind of comments they’d receive. “We’ll hear about it, I’m sure,” Greg smiled.

That kind of sharing, laughing, and communication is why we love what we do at My 420 Tours.


Take Your Dad on a Cannabis Ride

With cannabis gaining a groundswell of support and legalization all across the country, now is the time to test the waters with family members. This Father’s Day, don’t be shy. Propose the idea of an at-home session or a guided cannabis tour with Dad. You never know — it could be the first of many warm family bonding experiences to come.


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