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We’re thrilled that our own sunny hometown of Denver, Colorado is hosting the “Super Bowl” of travel conferences, the IPW, this May 19-23 2018. The event will draw thousands of travel professionals from all over the world.

If you’re traveling to Denver for IPW 2018, My 420 Tours would like to extend a special Mile High welcome. You’re invited to experience the budding world of cannabis tourism by joining us for a tour.

See inside a greenhouse grow!

The IPW has a packed schedule full of networking, sightseeing, keynote speakers, and after-hours fun. So why not take the time for a 420 tour during your stay in Denver? Here are three reasons to spend a few hours with us on the 420-friendly party bus.

Reason #1: Insider Access

Any visitor to Denver can walk into a dispensary for a glimpse at the legalized weedscape. Dispensaries aren’t hard to find — there are more dispensaries in Denver than Starbucks and McDonalds combined.

But not any visitor can board a 420-friendly party bus that whisks you to the inside of a grow. On tour, you’ll gain exclusive access to industry professionals from tour guides and master growers to bud trimmers and budtenders. You’ll get a first-hand, behind-the-scenes, local Denver experience. You’ll see for yourself that cannabis tourism is real, it’s growing like a weed, and this is just the beginning of high season.

Meet the My 420 Tours team

Reason #2: See Denver’s Tourism Underground

It takes a very in-the-know travel professional to find the inside scoop on cannabis tourism. This is because we’re subject to certain advertising constraints that make us harder to find than your average day tour.

For example, public tourism offices won’t acknowledge us. The Colorado Tourism Office, will not list us on their site Colorado.com, nor will VISIT DENVER (organizer of the IPW’s official fam trips and day trips from Denver, which are completely sold out). When pushing for an acknowledgment from VISIT DENVER, they shared their buttoned-up policy:

“Policy 1.8 Marijuana-Related Businesses: Based on the input received from the VISIT DENVER Board of Directors at the September 2014 Annual Board Retreat, marijuana-related businesses will not be allowed to join VISIT DENVER at this time.

VISIT DENVER will closely monitor city and state policies that are developed around this issue, and once more information is available, VISIT DENVER will reevaluate the Partnership policy.

If existing Partners incorporate marijuana-related activities into their business model, VISIT DENVER will no longer be able to market their business, and will discontinue their Partnership.”



TripAdvisor also treats us like a black sheep of the tourism trade, refusing to allow us to claim our own business listing. When disputing this policy, we got messages like this one:

“After the follow-up query with our listing editors, we received an update from them. According to our listing editors, the policy for cannabis-related businesses is still under review and we should be able to update you with more information by the first week of March.”

No progress yet.

420 friendly party bus

Get on board the 420-friendly party bus!

Join us in bringing cannabis tourism up from the underground and into the light of day. Our mission is to show the travel trade that we’re totally legal, safe, and valid. Acceptance and legalization of cannabis are on the rise across the USA. The weed tour of tomorrow will be like the brewery tour or winery tour of today. Come take a look at the bright future of cannabis tourism and be a part of it!

Reason #3: It’s FREE

Exclusively for IPW attendees, we’re offering FREE tours on Sunday May 20 – Thursday May 24. See the schedule of options below:

Sunday May 20

11:00am to 2:00pm Cannabis Wellness Tour
2:30pm to 4:30pm: Complete Cannabis Tour

Monday May 21

11:30am to 1:30pm: Complete Cannabis Tour

Tuesday May 22

11am to 1:30pm: Greenhouse Grow and Dispensary Tour

Wednesday May 23

11am to 1:30pm: Greenhouse Grow and Dispensary Tour

Thursday May 24

11am to 1:30pm: Greenhouse Grow and Dispensary Tour

To book a FREE tour, enter discount code 420IPW2018. Limit two seats per organization. Be sure to have your IPW attendee badge with you for check-in — we will be verifying. Must be 21+ to book. Offer valid while supplies last.




Sushi Rolling Class Denver

Sushi & Joint Rolling

Every Thu, Fri, and Sat at 7PM
$79 Per Person
Play. Roll. Eat. Drink. Smoke! This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to roll authentic sushi and joints.
View Details

Buds & Beers

Every Thu, Fri & Sat at 3PM
$79 Per Person
Play. Indulge. Enjoy. Party! The best of Colorado Craft Brews and Cannabis awaits you on this adventure.
View Details

The Complete Cannabis Tour

Every Sat, Sun and Mon at 11:30
$49 Per Person
A window to all things weed. A fun overview of handcrafted cannabis cultivation, concentrates, and strains.
View Details

Cannabis Wellness Tour

Every Sun at 11AM
$119 Per Person
Learn. Heal. Nurture. Soothe. Find the crossroads of cannabis and wellness at Verde Natural’s grow and dispensary.
View Details

Marijuana Concentrates Tour

Every Fri at 4PM
$69 Per Person
Enjoy. Explore. Learn. Concentrates. Enjoy a deep dive into cannabis concentrates, plus a dispensary visit.
View Details

Greenhouse Grow Tour

Every Tue – Fri at 11AM
$59 Per Person
Discover. Learn. Grow. Enjoy. Explore. Witness a true behind-the-scenes look at one of Colorado’s best cultivation facilities.
View Details


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