No matter which team you’re cheering on this football season, the sport is sure to bring about moments of exhalation, frustration, and everything in-between. While booze remains the primary staple to football diets across America, a growing number of cannabis-friendly states like Colorado and Washington will see fans opt for a toke at coin toss (and first touchdown, and half-time, and the winning field goal kick…). Here are your top stoner tips for football season.

Stock Up Prior

First stoner tip for getting high throughout football season: Have what you need to know and have on-hand. Dispensary hours vary, and local statutes regulating sale times may inadvertently hinder an easy drop-in. Play it safe by picking up your weed prior to kick-off. You wouldn’t want to stop by the liquor store in the middle of the game, and a dispensary run is no different.

 Eat Dank Food

If you’ve opted to stay inside to celebrate, make dank food that only a stoner could concoct. Football season food is perfect for weed-enthusiasts, so research recipes for nachos, chili, and hot wings. If you’re going out, I recommend the closest thing to a jalapeno bacon burger. It’s all part of a balanced meal that will fuck up your digestive tract for the next 72 hours (Note: This may not apply to stoners under the age of 25).

Set Your Fantasy Team Prior

Fantasy football season is surprisingly complex when you’re high (and also when you’re not high). There are so many decisions and so little attention span at that point. Ensure your best picks are playing prior to the kick-off, and allow for last-minute roster changes that may leave you scrambling. Learn from my mistakes: Don’t pick-up players over the age of 32 because they will get injured and you will miss that game-day announcement.

Find Cannabis-Friendly Transportation

Don’t drive dirty. For real, we are getting too old for that shit. Find cannabis-friendly transportation that will allow you to enjoy marijuana and football season with a clean conscience and mind. Consider public transit if you live in or near a city, or the various shuttles and ride-share options accessible. In addition to traveling more safely, you’ll save time and money on things like parking (and the eventual parking ticket when you don’t move your vehicle in time because you’re too stoned).

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