Does your mom smoke weed? That’s the question on the table at the My 420 Tours office as everyone makes plans for Mother’s Day. Meet our moms who smoke weed, moms who don’t, and everything in between.

A few of us grew up in strict prohibition households. Some of us inherited our cannabis affinity from Mom. Some of our parents have had amazing conversions once they opened up to the benefits.

With the acceptance of cannabis spreading faster than ever, this Mother’s Day is the one to share an elevated experience with the special matriarch in your life — maybe for the first time. In 2016 Travel+Leisure writer Vauhini Vara wrote a moving piece about her My 420 Tour with her parents which became a real bonding experience. Here are a few stories of our own relationships to our moms who smoke weed, and how we share a cannabis experience together.

moms who smoke weed 1Kelleyanne – Cannabis Experience Extraordinaire

“I didn’t start consuming cannabis until after high school but my mom has always been a consumer. She lived out the 70’s after all. As a kid, you always think your parents never did anything bad or illegal, so when my mom told me she actually smokes weed regularly, my 19-year-old self was pretty shocked.

I was on Christmas break from college sophomore year and was spending some time with my mom, and by this time, we had shared a couple one-hitters together. So, she breaks it out and I ask to take a hit, and it was at this moment that she turned to me and said “Honey, I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but you really aren’t very good at smoking weed…” and it was at this time I realized that my mom was WAY cooler than me.

My mom is the most incredible mom and human being, so I really enjoy that I actually get to involve her in my work and go on a tour with her when she visits because not everyone’s mom would be super happy and accepting of their daughter working for a cannabis related company.”

JJ Walker — Co-founder and President

“Christmas Eve 2015, my mom decided it would be fun to split some chocolate edibles as a family. We all hung out by the fire and laughed for hours telling stories that would have never been told without the effects of a little THC in our system. It was a bonding experience that I will never forget.”

moms who smoke weed 2Alyse — Cannabis Spirit Guide

“My mom has always been the biggest pothead I know. She smokes every day and is unaffected by edibles. When I was in high school, she and my stepdad operated a grow in our basement. They were open about their cannabis use, but I wasn’t allowed to smoke until I was 18. The first time I smoked with my mom was my 18th birthday. Now we smoke together almost every time we see each other.

For example, we were on vacation in California for my grandma’s birthday. I had too much to drink the night before and was painfully hungover. My mom gave me a hug and slipped her dug-out into my pocket saying ‘you need a one-hitter in your life.’ ”

Eric — Cannabis Experience Extraordinaire

“Since I can remember, my mother has been a passionate Catholic and completely against marijuana, weed, ganga, or “whatever the kids are calling it these days” as she would say. She had been a Catholic school  pre-school teacher for over 30 years. If she didn’t have a house close enough to church, she’d live in the convent or rectory. I went to catholic schools from preschool to senior year (altar boy in grade school and in the choir in high school). I have hidden my usage of cannabis since I was young teenager. My siblings experimented back in the day, but they have remained pretty straight-laced.

Recently I’ve transitioned from a typical corporate America job into the expanding cannabis business. I have tried to be an educator about cannabis and all the benefits. A few years ago, my father had his hip replaced and still has discomfort. I recommended the cannabis topical oil CBD (non-THC) to help minimize the pain. Dad currently uses the topical oil to manager his discomfort.

As for me, Mom, and the rest of the family, I still hold out hope to someday share edibles and maybe rip some tubes with all of us together.”

moms who smoke weed 3Axie — Sponsorship Director

“Ever since I graduated college and started a professional career in the cannabis industry, my mom’s view toward cannabis has changed entirely. My mother went from siding with the status quo (and my father) and maintained the ‘Just Say No’ mentality. I got in plenty of trouble for peaceful pipe smoking and was warned about losing all motivation and becoming a ‘lump on a log’ if I kept smoking pot. During my formative years, the confines of conformity were impressed upon me in this area of my life, which was counter to the rest of the open-ended upbringing I experienced.

Now, after breaking the news of my first full time job and sharing the excitement of my cutting-edge career, Mom has gone from a nay-sayer to cannabis evangelist, sharing the benefits of the benevolent plant in both progressive and conservative circles back east. I’m proud to say the my mother has gone from “Just Say No” to “Just Say Know”. Word up, Mama Dukes!

Heather C. — Executive Assistant

“My mother on cannabis: ‘There is a big difference in smoking weed to get high, and smoking weed to watch a good Sci-Fi movie!’ ”

moms who smoke weed 4Christine — Office and Operations OG

“My mother is not a huge consumer of cannabis, nor does she know a whole lot about it. However, she is open to the benefits and knowledge that have recently come up in the industry.

There was a time when I was recovering from an ATV accident as my mother was experiencing the effects of a cancer treatment that she was going through. I knew from my own personal experience with cannabis that there was a chance that it could make her feel better. I offered her a puff on my pre-rolled joint, and shockingly, she obliged. Not only did her anxieties and discomforts subside, but I found her having such as good time enjoying her arts and crafts (which is something that she had not done in a while).

When I asked her how she was doing, she replied with the biggest smile and said, ‘Christine, I feel better than I have felt in a long time, and I’m happy.’ I knew that it was partially due to the cannabis that she had just consumed, and the most important part about it all was the experience that we had together. In one of the toughest times of both of our lives, being able to bond over a joint brought us closer together and able to enjoy an experience that make us both feel good!”

Patrick – Cannabis Master Chef & Cooking Instructor

“My mother is what I call the “Queen Chief.” She lived in the Redwood City hills of California. On her way to school she used to climb up one of the hills to the top, where Prince used to live. She would grab some cannabis buds when she got to the top of the hill. Then it was a race to the bottom so as to not get caught by the farmers. By the time she reached the bottom of the hill she would have a J rolled, smoking and gone before she got to school. True talent.”


moms who smoke weed 5Cynthia — Communications Manager

“When my mom says she’s only tried cannabis once in her life, I believe it. She’s about as Catholic and vice-free as they come. This past February, a friend gave me a delicious infused dark chocolate bar as congratulations on the new job in the industry. I brought it over to my parents’ house, hoping this would be the day I would finally convince them to share this experience with me. When I presented the bar, my mom said, ‘God doesn’t want us to do that to our bodies.’

Lately she’s been struggling with a lot of health problems and adjusting a big mix of pharmaceuticals. I still suggest MMJ as an option, but she hasn’t opened up to it yet. I’m hopeful that one day she’ll reconsider and go for a My 420 Tours experience with me and the whole adult family.”

Getting high with Mom for the first time

If you’ve never partaken with your parent before, a cannabis experience in Colorado can be a fun way to break the ice. If one of your goals when traveling with parents is to bridge the generational divide, then a pot tour goes a long way. You’ll be in a safe and legal environment and the tour doubles as a unique travel experience. For visitors to Denver, the “when in Rome…” rule applies.


Experiences for Moms who smoke weed (or want to try it)

Sushi Rolling Class Denver

Sushi & Joint Rolling

Every Thu, Fri, and Sat at 7PM
$79 Per Person
Play. Roll. Eat. Drink. Smoke! This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to roll authentic sushi and joints.
View Details

Buds & Beers

Every Thu, Fri & Sat at 3PM
$79 Per Person
Play. Indulge. Enjoy. Party! The best of Colorado Craft Brews and Cannabis awaits you on this adventure.
View Details

The Complete Cannabis Tour

Every Sat, Sun and Mon at 11:30
$49 Per Person
A window to all things weed. A fun overview of handcrafted cannabis cultivation, concentrates, and strains.
View Details

Cannabis Wellness Tour

Every Sun at 11AM
$119 Per Person
Learn. Heal. Nurture. Soothe. Find the crossroads of cannabis and wellness at Verde Natural’s grow and dispensary.
View Details

Marijuana Concentrates Tour

Every Fri at 4PM
$69 Per Person
Enjoy. Explore. Learn. Concentrates. Enjoy a deep dive into cannabis concentrates, plus a dispensary visit.
View Details

Greenhouse Grow Tour

Every Tue – Fri at 11AM
$59 Per Person
Discover. Learn. Grow. Enjoy. Explore. Witness a true behind-the-scenes look at one of Colorado’s best cultivation facilities.
View Details


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