A Complete Guide for Groomsmen in the Mile High City

By Garrett Grams

It’s time for some debauchery in the mile-high city. The groom is looking to you for an experience that will celebrate the last days of his single life, and Denver has everything you need to send him off with a Cheshire smile.

A Denver bachelor party comes down to a few essentials. You’ll need food, you’ll need booze, and you’ll need those bonding activities that bring you all closer together—all allowing for those bottled up feels to pour forth.

How To Prepare for a Denver Bachelor Party:  IV Hydration

First, if you are looking for some life-hacks to avoiding altitude sickness during your stay in Colorado, or maybe a swift recovery from a wild night out on the town with the boys, then you have come to the right place.  With that said, My 420 Tours is now offering IV Hydration brought to you exclusively from the top dogs in IV Hydration techniques and recipes, Onus IV.

IV Hydration Bag

What you can expect is this-  when you get an IV Hydration treatment before the party starts or within the first day or two of your arrival to the “Colorful” Colorado, it will ACTUALLY cut out altitude sickness before it begins and helps mitigate hangovers before you start drinking.  In addition, Onus IV has concocted a special blend of Vitamins and Nutrients called the “Apex Drip” to ripen the experience for our 420 friendly guests!


Denver Bachelor Party Essential #1: A Bonding Experience

Beyond the booze and food, there is plenty left on the Denver table to explore. You may have a crew of familiars, or more likely, there will be a mix of those you call close friends alongside those you’ve only just met. It’s time to bring you all closer through some shared experience and some competition. Nothing quite says, “I love you, bro,” like kicking his ass in friendly competition.

Denver bachelor party bus

Get on board a cannabis-friendly party bus with My 420 Tours

Get the lead out. Nothing says “I’m a man,” for the last time like shooting flying clay saucers out of the sky. Colorado Clays (satiates the manly need to destroy things. Make sure to hire an instructor to get the full experience in case any of the bachelors are less than experienced in their boom boom stick skills.

Let out your inner lumberjack. You and your crew like sharp shiny things and love to throw them at inanimate circles. In other words, you want to see who’s the biggest bad ass. At Bad Axe Throwing, all of this can be accomplished. The groom can get his pre-wedding aggression out while you hit bullseye after bullseye. Food and drink are B.Y.O.B. and call ahead to figure out what bachelor packages they currently offer.

Channel your inner Mario Kart. You want to go fast. You’ve seen every Fast and Furious and are channeling speed. You are speed. Your bachelor party will understand this need when you take them to Unser Go Kart Racing. There is a package that provides a tournament just for your bachelor party with first-round warm-ups, second round prelims, and third round finals.

archery games 3

Shoot each other. Archery Games is the new guy in the Denver bachelor party scene. Your party can unleash its Hunger Games instincts with a series of different bow-and-padded-arrow games and challenges. Not convinced? The bros at My 420 Tours tried this one out for ourselves, and we give it our personal recommendation. Read our rave review here.

Rocks you will not soon forget. Red Rocks is perhaps the greatest music venue in the whole country. Legendary views in a natural amphitheater with some of the greatest musicians alive today. Guaranteed to be a highlight of the trip. Whether it’s music that makes you weep tears of joy, scream in passion, or chill out to some cool jams, Red Rocks will provide the memories and stories that will last you all a lifetime. The schedule is seasonal and mostly summer, so make sure to schedule your trip to catch the groom’s favorite band.

Push each other out of an airplane. After free-falling to his death for a minute, the groom should have no problem stepping up to the altar. Plus you get to see what the rest of the crew is made of when you take them to Mile Hi Skydiving. They offer year-round skydiving trips for people at every experience level. With the Rocky Mountains right next to Denver, you couldn’t choose a better spot to drop the groom.

Denver bachelor party ideas

See inside a cannabis grow facility with the bachelor bros

Dr. Green is joining the party. Yes, it’s legal here, but where do you even begin. Here’s how: with a VIP Grow and Dispensary Tour. Luxurious 420 friendly transportation equipped with smoking devices and snacks will take you on tour of a state-of-the-art grow house to see what this wacky weed is all about. After you’ll be treated to VIP access at two of Denver’s premier dispensaries with exclusive discounts on the goods.

Find the whitewater. With the Rocky mountains so close, you’d be missing out if you didn’t take the bachelor party up there at some point. Whitewater rafting is a great excuse to do it, and Liquid Descent is the company you need. The guides are super knowledgeable and friendly and will keep you all safe throughout the rapids. You will get wet and it’s super cold, especially if this is an off-season Denver bachelor party, but you will not forget this experience for the rest of your life.

Look good = feel good. Gentleman’s Quarters is a man spa. Yes, that’s a thing. They do barber cuts, draft beers, and have Playboy magazines to peruse while you wait your turn. GQ will clean up the crew and get them ready for the rest of the Denver bachelor party. Or clean you up after the fun is done and you need to make the groom look respectable.

Double up on vices. Your Denver bachelor party can have it all. The Budz and Sudz tour will guide you through the world-class Denver cannabis and craft brewery scene. The groom will never forget the time with his budz, smoking budz, and drinking sudz. It’s a unique experience that he should get in before his single days come to an end.

Denver bachelor party weed tour

Denver Bachelor Party Essential #2: Eat Out

As this is a Denver bachelor Party, we’ll touch more on the actual munchies later on. For now, here are some of the best places to feed the crew before the hangry sets in.


Hit Snooze. Perhaps the most popular breakfast/brunch place in Denver. The waits outside Snooze has been known to extend to the 90 minute plus mark if you get there at a casual hour. It is still worth it. The farm fresh ingredients and unique retro atmosphere get you from sleepy-eyed to take-on-the day. The Chile Verde Benny is a personal favorite along with a spicy bloody mary. They offer plenty of morning cocktails alongside your morning chow for those wanting to get started early.

Come chill in The Lobby. They have bottomless mimosa towers! What else is there to say? There’s also bottomless bloody mary’s and bottomless kombucha mimosa’s if you’re into that sort of thing. The Lobby is more of a brunch place than breakfast, but it’s all the same during a bachelor party. Order the Blue Balls for the groom, and get down on some of their wake ‘n’ bacon while you order the next mimosa tower.

Get sticky together. Classic diner style pancakes, eggs, bacon, French toast, and as the name implies, Syrup galore. If it can be covered in syrup, it is. The insulin spike should bring the party back to life just long enough to make plans for the rest of the day, and then crash back at the pad.

Let Sam show you his lucky number. The best diner in Denver. Sam’s No. 3 is open early, has affordable breakfast, and is the perfect place to hide those hung eyes and questionable late night decisions. The breakfast and coffee will bring you back to your former glorious self while planning the next series of debaucherous events.


Biscuits for bros. All the rage in Denver right now. The main course at Atomic Cowboy and Denver Biscuit Company is biscuits served with everything. Biscuits and gravy, chicken biscuit sandwiches, biscuits with a side of biscuits and massive cinnamon buns. The space is also shared by Fat Sully’s pizza, one of the better pizza places in town, plus 24 draft beers on tap. To get the biscuits go before 2 pm. For the pizza, you’re good until 2 am.

Put some beer on your pizza. Hops and Pie is unlike any pizza place you’ve been to. As if the crew hasn’t had enough to drink already, around 50% of the liquid used in their batter is IPA beer, creating a flaky yet dense crust. Add a beer pairing to your pie for a full ride on the hops train. A unique place the groom will not soon forget.

The Napolean treatment. Formerly Marco’s Coal fired pizza, Racca’s Pizzeria Napolitano holds true to the standard of its former alias. The pizza is touted as the best in town and is in a prime location close to the Rockies ballpark. It is the only eatery in Colorado to maintain the Verace Pizza Napoletana certification for the authentic Italian art of pizza making. The groom will feel like Napolean indeed, even though those two terms are hardly related.

Treat him to some blessed tacos. What bachelor party would be complete without tequila? Now throw in some delicious authentic tacos and what you get is Dos Santos. The owners and brothers Kris and Justin brought their Cozumel restaurant expertise to Denver and decidedly changed the taco game. See how far the groom gets in One tequila, Two tequila, Three tequila, Floor.


Steak it out. It’s time for a real meal. Enough tacos, pizza, and beer. Actually, bring the beer, but now add steak. Denver Chophouse is a bit pricier than the other restaurants, but who can put a price on a big red steak smile for the groom. The house has the juiciest rib-eye in town doused in a-jus that will dissolve as soon as it enters your mouth.

Pig Out. Everything at Block and Larder is made in-house. The emphasis here is on true cocktails and pork. The charcuterie selections are phenomenal and fresh daily. A solid start to a night off as the atmosphere here is casual, inviting, and will make you feel like you’re a local.

French him. For those looking to impress the groom and bros with how classy they are, Bistro Vendome has what you need. Apart from the décor, the food is exceptional, and the closest to authentic French food you’ll find in the city. Just make sure that pinky is popped and locked throughout the meal.

Let there be MEAT. You are given a coaster. The coaster is green on one side, red on the other. When you want meat, you leave the green side up. When you feel like one more sausage will make you explode, it’s time to go red. At Fogo de Chao you don’t leave hungry. Just make sure to leave some time to digest before your Denver bachelor party hits the bars.

Denver bachelor party 5

Midnight Munchies

When you’re hungry and you don’t care and it’s 5 am, each of these joints is open 24/7

 When you want a late-night diner stop. Denver Diner is bright, fast, and to the point. They are open, they have food, and you will eat that food so you don’t have to miss the rest of the bachelor party. It might also be the best place to people watch as the entire wall is a window to those early-birds, night-owls, and strange in-betweeners.

When you’re hungry and you do care. Get Pete’s burritos. Remember that through the night and you’ll wake up having avoided the hangover. Sorry if Pete is the name of one of your bachelor’s as that might lead you down an entirely different path, and sorry Pete, but you won’t regret stopping at Pete’s Kitchen for their late night burrito’s. The line might be long, as Pete’s burrito is very popular, but you’d do well to stick it out.

When you haven’t found a story for the night. There is always something happening at Voodoo Donuts. Mostly, it’s people trying to imagine what a donut will feel like when they wake up in four hours, but sometimes you get a little something extra. Some patrons might believe they have arrived at their own home, in their bedroom, and have all the privacy they need. Some might be confused why Voodoo DONUTS doesn’t have eggs and bacon. As their slogan suggests, there is magic in the hole. You won’t be disappointed.

Denver Bachelor Party Essential #3: Bars and Booooooooze

Denver is nationally known—perhaps internationally at this point—for being the epicenter of America’s recreational marijuana. That does not mean, however, that the drinking scene has taken a back seat. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Turns out people still like to get drunk, especially for bachelor parties. The city has accommodated for this need with a craft brewery scene that is expanding as fast as stoners are moving to Denver. Areas like RiNo (River North), LoHi (Lower Highlands), and the ever faithful LoDo (Lower Downtown), are your main destinations. Each area provides unique bars that range from expansive warehouses that are now breweries to smaller dive bars.

Denver bachelor party 3

River North (RiNo)

The newest and fastest expanding party in the city. You’d be hard-pressed to find a better spot for a Denver Bachelor Party. The River North Art District contains the highest concentration of breweries in the city and is only just beginning.

Hold Steady while I pour this beer down your throat. Ratio Beerworks tagline goes, “We learned how to drink on tour. We learned how to brew in Germany.”  This creates an industrial punk scene that stays true to those German brewmasters style. The beers taste so good here, you’ll be tempted to chug, but you’d be doing yourself a disservice. Make the groom chug while you sip on a delicious Antidote IPA.

Get that man a beer! Stat! Terrible puns aside, Bierstadt Lagerhaus serves some of the finest beer in the city. This is a true beer lovers dream. Bierstadt doesn’t add anything to their beers. Water, yeast, malt, and hops, no more, no less. They pride themselves on having an authentic lager that would make the German beer gods proud. Bring your Denver bachelor party to the Lagerhaus and pay your fealty to the beer gods.

Sweeten him up. Hard ciders are thought to have high sugar counts, and for most, that means heavy hangovers. The ciders at Stem Ciders do not like hangovers either—each of their ciders are less than 1 gram of sugar per drink. The drinks vary in sweetness from off-dry to sweet and tart to hopped and coffee blends. They also have amazing slushies that will send every one of you bachelors back to those golden Slurpee days.

Lower Highlands (LoHi)

The one place you will all agree on. Avanti has everything. Sushi, pizza, burgers, oysters, and of course, all the alcohol you can stuff in with the food. When your group is divided on what to eat, or where to drink, go to Avanti. On top of the diverse food options, there are two spacious levels inside with an amazing outdoor deck (plus a unique stadium seating style attachment) that gives you one of the best views of the Denver skyline. A great place to start or end your Denver bachelor party.

While you wait for Williams & Graham. You might end up staying at Occidental while you wait for Williams & Graham. A mix of a lounge and a dive with a focus on craft. There are over forty craft beers available, and some of those fire water cocktails a few of your crew will be keen on. Who cares if you miss your reservation for Williams & Graham — you’ve already brought the groom to one of the swankiest bars in town.

The hype is real. Williams & Graham is the most well-known Denver speakeasy, you can debate the irony of that over their signature manhattans. Situated behind a bookstore, the dimly lit bar maintains its exclusivity with seven tables, a waitlist, and reservations. This is the place to take the crew when to get the classiness out of your system before your morals go out the window.

Lower Downtown (LoDo)

You’ll end up here regardless. ViewHouse is hard to miss. A step away from the Rockies stadium, the massive and always packed ViewHouse feels like the center of the action. Three floors and an outside terrace fill with what feels like half of Denver throughout the night. There’s plenty of fun to be had with dancing and live music and an energy to the place that makes it the epicenter of drinking and other things to do in downtown Denver. I can’t imagine a bachelor party that doesn’t end up here for at least some part of the night.

The south snuck into Denver. If you appreciate line dancing, country music, and cowboy hats—there’s bound to be at least one in your group—then you’ll need to make a stop at Cowboy Lounge. One line dance song away from ViewHouse, the Cowboy lounge provides the southern comfort music the other ‘top 40’ bars miss out on. Note: you’re highly likely to run into roving bachelorette parties on this block as well.

It’s time to dance. As there must be a cowboy in the group, there also must be a dancer or two, possibly the groom himself. Beta Nightclub is your spot. Beta brings in fresh DJs every weekend that makes the place shake until 2 am. Security can be a little strict at times so it’s a good idea to go in with some wit about you, but you’ll be too busy dancing, or at least vibrating with the music to notice. Make sure to get tickets beforehand if there’s someone big in town.

Let the games begin. We all know that weed and games pair as beautifully as drinks and games. Yearning to show off your skeeball skills? Itching to show how many hours you’ve invested in Pac-man? The 1up bar is your new home. This ‘barcade’ has almost every throwback arcade game imaginable. The sweet downtown location, cheap beers, and affordable games will keep your Denver bachelor party alive. Competition is bonding, right? Game on.

Denver bachelor party ideas

Denver Bachelor Party Essential #4: A Place to Crash

The decision comes down to are you and your crew 420 friendly or not. There is a select handful of accommodations available for those who dabble in the green. I won’t list every place here because that would require a whole article in itself, but I can throw some resources your way to help get started.

420 Tours have a list of 420 friendly hotels available and will provide a complimentary Silver Surfer Cannabis Vaporizer for most of their listings. Or you can just rent the vaporizer by the day.

For the crews looking to all stay in the same place, Airbnb and HomeAway are your best bets for the affordable and the luxurious. There is an option for each site for smoking and non-smoking, but be sure to read the fine print for which type of smoke they are referring to.


420 Friendly Denver Bachelor Party Ideas

Denver pot tours - greenhouse grow

Greenhouse Grow Tour

Every Tue, Wed, Thurs, and Fri 

11AM - 1:30PM

$69 Per Guest
Denver’s Best Grow Tour. Explore Euflora’s greenhouse, one of a few grows in CO that harnesses natural sunlight.
View Details

Denver pot tours - beer and weed

Buds & Beers: A Grow & Brewery Tour

Every Thu, Fri and Sat 


$89 Per Guest
A Cannabis-themed Beer Tour. Get lit like the locals on a party bus to a grow house, dispensaries, & a craft brewery.
View Details

Denver pot tours - cooking with cannabis

Custom Sushi & Joint Rolling Class

Everyday beginning at 11AM
$550 for parties of 3 people
Roll J's and Sushi. These is not a more creative and fun way to enjoy Denver than this right here!
View Details

Denver pot tours - sushi and joints

Sushi & Joint Rolling Class

Every Thu, Fri, and Sat

7PM - 9PM

$79 Per Guest
Sushi. Joints. Denver-style. Refine your joint rolling technique and learn to roll sushi. Then feast on your creations.
View Details

Marijuana Concentrates

Marijuana & Concentrates Tour

Every Friday

4PM - 6:30PM

$79 Per Person
Explore THC in its purest form. Step into the concentrates classroom and get inside the dabbing and vaping trend.
View Details

Denver pot tours - greenhouse grow

The Complete Cannabis Tour

Every Sat, Sun and Mon at 11:30AM

And now Tues from 2:30AM -4:30PM

$59 Per Guest
A Window Into Weed. Get a panoramic view of craft cannabis production, led by experts at Seed & Smith.
View Details

colorado vacation

All-Inclusive Vacation


Call to request

Starting at $1295
Three Days. 420 Everything. A three-day vacation package with all the best activities and a 420-friendly hotel stay.

View Details

Sushi Rolling Class Denver

420-Friendly Hotels

Year-Round Availability

Book your room today

From $129/night
You're Free to Consume En Suite! Simply use the tabletop vaporizer provided at check-in.
View Details

Cannabis Massage


8AM - 8PM

From $115 Per Guest
Mile High Massage Therapy. Pamper your body, mind, and soul with a soothing cannabis massage treatment.
View Details


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