12 Ways to Get the Sparks Flying in the Mile High City

by Garrett Grams

Dinner and a movie is boring. You’ve done that before, you’re over it, and you’re out of ideas. Why else would you be poking around the interwebs and searching “date night Denver” for some inspiration? Denver has so much offer that goes beyond the traditional date night. With a little digging and an open mind, there is plenty to choose from to impress that lucky date of yours – especially if he or she is 420 friendly.

In Denver’s post-prohibition landscape, there’s no shortage of romantic things to do while high. Below are five cannabis-oriented dates and five out-of-the-ordinary dates that you can mix and match from, all of which rise above the mundane.

Go Art Gazing on First Fridays on Santa Fe

This one takes some planning because—as the name suggests—it only happens on the first Friday of every month. Sante Fe Drive, aka the Old Santa Fe Art District has a budding and vibrant art scene that is seeking your attention. To do this, more than 60 art galleries, studios and organizations team up with food trucks, restaurants, and bars to offer a unique experience year-round. Often art galleries will put out snacks and drinks to attract the eyes of passersby so if you plan it right, the entire event could be free of charge. Not First Friday? Not a problem. Wander the streets and alleys of Santa Fe to take in some of the best street art in town. This unique date will show off your aesthetic side while stimulating that beauty-appreciating part of your brain. Highly sexy.

Cost: Free of charge


Date night denver

See the Neo-Sistine Ceiling at the International Church of Cannabis

Wait! Don’t run! There’s no baptism required here. This church is simply a new concept that takes a new approach to religion. The “Elevationists” at the International Church of Cannabis believe that weed is a sacrament and spiritual growth should be bright and colorful, so they’ve styled their church accordingly. The building holds a Neo-Sistine style ceiling and murals done by Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel. They even do weddings! But let’s not jump straight to that level just yet. This is just a date, right?

Cost: The church is open free of charge to the public Thursday-Sunday 1-3pm (non-consumption). Or you can sign up as a member and attend one of their private meetings (free to burn the sacrament).

Jump as High as You Can at a Trampoline Park

Bouncing definitely sounds like a weird date, but don’t discount it just because a bunch of kids like to go. There’s a reason, it’s incredibly fun. With three locations in Denver, the bounce fest at JumpStreet is just around the corner. See who can bounce higher or match trick against trick on the plentiful trampolines. There’s also special Buy One Get One prices for an additional hour if you two are bouncing it off.


  • Monday-Thursday – $13.99/person (Buy one hour get one free).
  • Friday-Sunday – $14.99/person/hour.
  • Friday 4pm – Close – $14.99/person (Buy one hour get one free)



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Find Your Way Out of an Escape Room

This international sensation is moving to Denver with several different venues out to trap you. The idea is simple: you and your date are locked in a room that you have to puzzle your way out of. In each room is a mystery you have to solve in order to escape. Themes include The Lost Continent, Pikes Peak or Bust, and Casino Heist. What could be more romantic than saving your date from a locked room? Date night Denver just got a whole lot more interesting. Check out this complete guide to Denver’s escape rooms.


  • Puzzah! – $25/person
  • Golden Puzzle Room – $25/person
  • Sprightly Escapes – $27/person
  • Zombie Room Escape – $28/person
  • Epic Escape Game: Engelwood – $27/person
  • Epic Escape Game: Denver – $27/person
  • Enigma Escape Room – $28/person
  • Escape Works – $25/person



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Fling Sharp Objects at an Axe Throwing Bar

Like darts, but way more fun. See if your date is down for a little competitive axe throwing at Denver’s hot new Bad Axe. With a selection of weapons to choose from, the coaches will guide you through the process of properly throwing an axe at a wall (it’s far more difficult than it sounds). As the old adage goes, “couples that throw together grow together.” Talk about a unique date night Denver. If you and your mate take to it, there’s even a league you can join and dominate the Bad Axe scene.


  • $35/person for group reservation
  • $20/hour per walk-ins

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Warm Up for the Winter with Indoor Skiing

Want to take your date to the slopes but you can’t wait for it to snow? Snöbahn has an answer for you. With the grand opening back in June 2017, this indoor ski resort offers year-round skiing and snowboarding for riders of all levels. On this date, you can brush up on ski or snowboard technique in the comforts of the city, or show off those skills you’ve been so humble about. It also lends itself as a quicker option than driving out to the mountains when winter comes.


  • Group Intro lesson – $30/person
  • Group Single lesson – $45/person
  • Private Intro lesson – $60/person
  • Private Single lesson – $90/person


Walk Through Fields of Green in a Marijuana Grow House

Your date night Denver – style just got a big green hug. The feeling of walking into a state-of-the-art grow house is hard to describe. You and your date will be put at ease right away as the plants greet you in their home. You will be chauffeured in luxurious 420-friendly transportation. Denver pot tours are definitely a thing, and they’re not just for tourists! From seed to bud you see the full process bloom before your eyes.



date night denver

Double Up on Vices on a Weed and Beer Party Bus

The beer tour has become a staple of bachelor trips, bachelorette parties, anniversary dates, and weekend romps. Only in Denver do you see cannabis added to the tour, and with luxury transportation between each stop, your evening just got an upgrade. You and your date will experience a tour of a cutting-edge grow house where master growers can answer every question you throw at them. Included in the weed-themed Denver Beer tour is a hefty discount at two of the leading dispensaries in the city. After the budz, you’ll be taken to a local brewery to sample craft beers. Try pairing different strains and craft brews to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Wine and dine doesn’t stand a chance against this wicked new combo.

Cost: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 2pm – $79/person


Be High Rollers at Sushi and Joint Rolling Class

Denver’s own multi-talented cannabis chef Patrick Bailey has another elevated date idea for you. Treat your date to a course on rolling at the Denver Sushi and Joint Rolling Class. The art of rolling sushi is not so far removed from the art of rolling the perfect joint. Chef Patrick will give you the skills to get your roll on while providing all the necessary knowledge and tools. No experience required. By the end of the course, you and your date will be rolling pros, with three rolls of sushi to munch on per person. This fun class even hooks you up with a free two grams of bud from the dispensary – just swing by and pick it up at the dispensary before class.

Cost: Thursday, Friday, Saturday at 5pm – $69/person


date night denver cannabis massage

Go for a Mind-melting Cannabis Massage

This is the only cannabis themed date that doesn’t give you the psychoactive effects of THC, though you may feel high afterward anyway. Using high-grade CBD oils this Denver-style cannabis massage will put you deep into a relaxed state. The licensed massage therapists not only have a prime location in the RiNo district (River North District for you out-of-towners), but will also come to you. This could be the perfect way to start the date by setting the mood. Or end the date by, well, setting the mood—if you don’t fall asleep that is.

Costs: In Studio Massage:

  • 60 Min – $95/person
  • 75 Min – $120/person
  • 90 Min – $140/person

Costs: In Room Massage:

  • 60 Min – $115/person
  • 75 Min – $130/person
  • 90 Min – $150/person


date night denver cooking class

Lift Your Kitchen Skills at Cannabis Cooking Class

Recently featured on NBC’s The Today Show, the Cooking with Cannabis class is an excellent way to turn the tables on the traditional date. Led by professional chef Patrick Bailey, you and your date create five delicious cannabis-infused dishes over a 2.5-hour cooking class. You’ll learn everything you need to cook your own infused meals at home while seeing firsthand if that date of yours has any skills in the kitchen. Sit back and relax together as the infused food works its magic and elevates your Sunday afternoon.

  • Available every Sunday at 11am – $99/person


Soar Together in a Tiny Glider Plane

If being a mile high isn’t high enough for you, there’s a company that can take you higher.  Mile High Gliding offers tandem flight packages for you and your date to soar high over the Continental Divide, the Flatiron foothills, or over Denver itself. The Mile High Glide offers some of the best views you’re likely to see on a Colorado honeymoon. What better way to feel closer to your date than to ride in the same cockpit.

  • The Scenic Flight – $119 for two
  • The Mountain Flight – $219 for two
  • The Mile High Flight – $259 for two (or 1 hour for $379 for two)

Do Date Night Denver Right

There’s so much to do for date night Denver, especially if you’re a cannabis enthusiast. For shows and happenings specific to your date night, check out this 420-friendly Denver events calendar. Learn to roll sushi and joints then go escape from a room. Go for a relaxing cannabis massage then use your zen-like focus to throw axes at bullseyes. Find a good spot to toke and talk at one of these places to smoke weed in Denver. Or just Netflix and chill. The combinations are endless, so go out and stray away from the ordinary. Whether you like it cannabis themed or otherwise, you can make this date the kind you’ll re-enact in years to come.


Sushi Rolling Class Denver

Sushi & Joint Rolling

Every Thu, Fri, and Sat at 7PM
$79 Per Person
Play. Roll. Eat. Drink. Smoke! This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to roll authentic sushi and joints.
View Details

Buds & Beers

Every Thu, Fri & Sat at 3PM
$79 Per Person
Play. Indulge. Enjoy. Party! The best of Colorado Craft Brews and Cannabis awaits you on this adventure.
View Details

The Complete Cannabis Tour

Every Sat, Sun and Mon at 11:30
$49 Per Person
A window to all things weed. A fun overview of handcrafted cannabis cultivation, concentrates, and strains.
View Details

Cannabis Wellness Tour

Every Sun at 11AM
$119 Per Person
Learn. Heal. Nurture. Soothe. Find the crossroads of cannabis and wellness at Verde Natural’s grow and dispensary.
View Details

Marijuana Concentrates Tour

Every Fri at 4PM
$69 Per Person
Enjoy. Explore. Learn. Concentrates. Enjoy a deep dive into cannabis concentrates, plus a dispensary visit.
View Details

Greenhouse Grow Tour

Every Tue – Fri at 11AM
$59 Per Person
Discover. Learn. Grow. Enjoy. Explore. Witness a true behind-the-scenes look at one of Colorado’s best cultivation facilities.
View Details


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