The Top 10 Reasons Travelers Book Weed Tours

by Garrett Grams

You wanna take a cannabis tour? Um … does Snoop Dogg wanna smoke weed? There’s no question that visitors to Colorado are interested in a guided weed trip. But what brings them here? We wanted to understand the “why” of our guests’ travel choices.

On our online booking form, we have an optional field that asked our guests “What brings you out for a cannabis experience?” The answers range from the obvious to the outrageous. We dug through thousands of freeform answers and qualitative data to take a look at the top 10 reasons people want to take a weed trip.

weed trip MMJ

Weed Trip Reason #10: A tour for relief

It is now common knowledge that cannabis has incredible medicinal powers. There was a significant response from guests that mention an illness that cannabis helps them with. The knowledge learned from a behind-the-scenes look at the industry, or being in a safe space where the medicine can flow freely, has attracted those suffering from an array of situations to take a cannabis. They might be curious about how it might help them or have found comfort in the medicinal properties that cannabis provides.

Over the years, many MMJ explorers have joined us on tour. We’ve met a father-son pair who was discovering medical marijuana together, and we’ve heard moving stories from people like Monica and Janie who are battling cancer with cannabis.

Weed Trip Reason #9: It makes everything better

It might feel like a half-baked reason to go on a Colorado weed trip, but there are high numbers of responses that list the tour as a pre-game for something after. Many listed going to a comedy show after a cannabis tour. More listed going to Red Rocks to see a show. In combination with another event, a weed tour seems to elevate the experience to another level. And it’s not limited to entertainment. It might be going to dinner after the tour when the munchies set in deep.

weed trip - honeymoon

Weed Trip Reason #8: High honeymoon adventures

When the wedding formalities have finished, there are a number of couples who celebrated their Colorado honeymoon with a weed trip. Some shared in learning what happens in a grow house, while others found a hotel room they could smoke in legally and got a cannabis massage. There must be something to a weed-themed Colorado vacation that brings the happy couple closer together.

weed tip bachelor party

Weed Trip Reason #7: Wild times before tying the knot

Grooms with their bros and brides with their wolf pack seek thrills and experiences on their last single nights. For some, a weed trip could mean checking something off a bucket list. For others, it could mean they want to see the bride or groom in a higher state of mind. For all, they are looking for a good time at their Denver bachelor party or bachelorette party that will be remembered for a long time.

A weed trip provides that special blend of uniqueness that checks all the boxes for the bride or groom. Plus, those celebrating anniversaries are known to attend our tours in even greater numbers than those on their bachelor/ette party, so that bride or groom of the hour can pick the brain of those who have already taken the marriage leap.

weed trip anniversary

Weed Trip Reason #6: Another year together with cannabis

The married folk love to celebrate their union by exploring the world of cannabis. The number of forever couples edge out the number of bachelor/ette partiers and honeymooners. It could be taking their relationship to a higher level, or experiencing something new, or just celebrating their joint passion for the green. There have been a couple 40-year anniversaries and even one 50-year anniversary celebrated with a weed trip.

weed trip Colorado

Weed Trip Reason #5: Denver welcomes visitors with open (420 friendly) arms

There are plenty more states that declare cannabis illegal than those who are leading the charge with cannabis legality — for now at least. This means there are a ton of visitors wanting to experience what they heard only existed in Amsterdam. Visiting Denver ranks as the fourth highest reason for people to take a weed trip. Visitors are also looking at cannabis-powered day trips from Denver. The weedscape has changed dramatically over the last few years and there are plenty of tourists who want to explore and experience what Denver and Colorado have to offer. Some are testing the city out before deciding to move, others just want to get some legal bud while telling their illegal state to shove it. Regardless the reason, Denver welcomes all types.

weed trip curiosity

Weed Trip Reason #4: The curious cat

Curiosity plays into those visitors wanting to see what the hype is all about, but with a significant number of responses written simply as “curious,” it could be anybody from anywhere. People are curious about the scene. It could be a Denver native watching the change sweep over their homeland, or possibly someone who’s never dabbled in cannabis before. Often, the curious are those who want to learn more about the industry. There’s a lot of knowledge and expertise to absorb from learning how the plants are grown from seedling to bud, as well as how to properly roll a joint or smoke a first dab. Curiosity blooms on a weed trip.

weed trip heaven

Weed Trip Reason #3: “To see rows of plants, rows of heaven.”

This really should be the number one reason, as everyone who takes a 420-themed Colorado vacation clearly loves the ganja. But as it stands, when said explicitly, loving cannabis takes seat number three. What better way to celebrate that love than with a weed trip? With the recent explosion in legalization and public interest, the cannabis industry has gone far beyond the ‘crumble up a plant and smoke it’ days. There are massive warehouses dedicated singularly to grow ops. World-class dispensaries that offer the plant, concentrates, waxes, oils, distillates, and gummy bears. There is a whole new world for the cannabis lover to explore, and finally an opportunity to explore it.

Weed Trip Reason #2: One more lap around the sun

Birthdays were the second most popular reason for going on a weed trip. Whether you’re marking your 21st birthday party by exercising your newfound freedoms or celebrating 30th birthday party with buds, or anywhere in-between or beyond, a cannabis tour is the proper way to experience the day of your birth. The experience offers an opportunity to reflect on your life so far, or where it’s heading, or slip into a timeless state where everything is one and the third eye can be unleashed.

weed trip to colorado

Weed Trip Reason #1: A break from reality

Forget the beaches and fruity drinks, the highest rated response for why people went on a weed trip—accounting for about a third of all the responses—was for a 420 vacation. From what? The vacation from the cubicle nightmare. The vacation from a state without legal cannabis. The vacation from their own mind. It might not even be an escape. A 420-themed Colorado weed vacation is a great way to relax, let the mind unwind, and try out some new experiences. There is a diverse selection of tours and experiences to choose from that suit just about any 420 taste.

The Outliers

There were a few outliers in the response to “why take a cannabis tour?” One person responded, “IDK.” Another was following the ‘it makes everything better’ route and going to a Catholic choir concert directly after the tour. One patron said they went on the tour to “Escape Oppression.” We can only hope they succeeded. One outlier that nearly made it into the above list was, “I’m Eloping!” It could be they were also escaping oppression, all that is certain is that a weed trip suits the needs of the many. We love hearing about the occasional family bonding story, such as mother-daughter pairs and 420-themed father-son trips to Denver.

Why do you want to take a weed trip?

The responses strongly point to those looking for a new experience. The cannabis scene is booming in Denver, attracting a wide array of different interests. The majority seems to be those needing a break from reality, with a close second celebrating a major event in their life. With how new this all is to both Colorado and America in general, there is an influx of curious newcomers who want to know what cannabis is all about. Whether you take a weed trip to seek knowledge, experience, medicinal relief, connection, or whatever your reason may be, weed trips offer a full range of experiences that will entertain, teach, and fulfill all your wildest cannabis dreams.


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