If you just landed at Denver International Airport and you’re headed into the city, you’ll smell it as soon as you hop on the highway. You’ll think to yourself, “either that weed smells like dog food or the dog food is made of weed.” The answer is simply, yes. Welcome to Denver, home of the dankest weed and the happiest dogs in the world, and the ultimate Colorado Pot Vacation!

Switch it up this summer. Take a Colorado Pot Vacation.

Over half of all American adults will take a vacation this summer. If you love world class marijuana, perfect weather, friendly people, live music, a burgeoning foodie scene and famous micro-brews, then an all inclusive cannabis vacation should be on your radar.

Walking around Denver, you’ll see smiling, shiny, happy people eating brunch in adorable little restaurants, streams of extreme road bikers, ice cream shops shaped like milk carafes and more medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks or 7-Elevens combined.

You’ll think to yourself, “How did I get here?” The answer is most likely Southwest Airlines. Either way, you’re in Denver now and the sun is shining, the air is thin and you can buy the best weed in the world in stores. Not only can you buy the best marijuana in the world, but you can get it for about $40 an eighth or $10 for a beautifully pre-rolled joint.

Not only that, but you can also stay in a 420 friendly hotel that will provide you a rental Silver Surfer Vaporizer for your use during your stay. Yes, you can vaporize weed in your hotel room and not only will no one stop you, but the front desk will provide you a smoking apparatus. As if that is not amazing enough, you can also arrange 420 friendly transportation so that as soon as you land in Denver, you can be transported to a dispensary. Once you are at the dispensary, you can buy legal recreational or medical marijuana and blaze it up while someone drives you to amazing restaurants, bars, live music venues or wherever you want.

Bottom line is you don’t have to leave the country to have a unique or exotic experience. If you’re part of the 55% of Americans that will take a vacation this summer, look no further than the booming metropolis of Denver, Colorado, the epicenter of cannabis culture. Your Colorado Pot Vacation is waiting.


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