Think you have to go to Europe or somewhere exotic to have an exquisite honeymoon? Think again. Colorado offers rugged adventure, high luxury, and a cannabis twist.

By Michael Green

Most people think of tropical getaways or foreign countries as the best destinations for their honeymoon. However, you don’t have to leave the US to have a unique, upscale and adventurous honeymoon; Colorado can provide these things. When having a Colorado honeymoon, there are many unique and distinct areas, from wild west towns to the dopest city in the West, there is a Colorado honeymoon destination for every couple.

colorado honeymoon 1

Colorado Honeymoon Idea #1: Durango

Experience the Wild West

Durango is a wild west town with modern amenities and gorgeous scenery. At the heart of it is a hotel that dates back to the 1800s. Boasting Victorian elegance and a historic theatre, the Strater Hotel is a beautiful hotel to stay. You may be tempted to stay indoors, but there is a lot more fun to be had outside.

420 twist: Visit the Durango Cannabis Discovery Center, which is Colorado’s first cannabis museum. Here you can peruse the self-guided interactive exhibits and learn a ton about the healing properties of CBD.

1st Day of a Durango Colorado Honeymoon

Exploring Durango: Take a short drive to James Ranch and Harvest Grill where you take a tour with one of the founders and learn about sustainable farming and agriculture. You can also shop for a few items in their market and grab a quick bite at the grill with organic and vegetarian options. Then head back into town to the Toh-Atin Gallery where you can find baskets, jewelry, pottery, sculptures, weavings, and other various forms of artwork for purchase.

colorado honeymoon train

2nd Day of a Durango Colorado Honeymoon

Durango is home to one of the best steam train experiences in Colorado. This train ride takes you from Durango all the way to Silverton. Before you take a ride, you will want to get yourself some premium edibles from The Greenery. The train ride will take you through stunning forests and a beautiful gorge. This trip back in time will last all day long, round-trip.

3rd Day of a Durango Colorado Honeymoon

To explore some of the harder to reach spots in the area, you can rent ATVs or fully-equipped Jeep. Both will take you up to high peaks and give you access to views rare views of the Rocky Mountains. When going that deep, you can get closer to nature than you ever imagined and spot wildlife that could otherwise not be seen.

Final day of a Durango Colorado Honeymoon

Durango is home to some of the best whitewater rafting in the state. This exhilarating experience will take you through striking canyons and past Western landmarks. The cool water splashing will be a perfect counterbalance to the warm Colorado summer days. After you get back into town, you will want to visit the Woodhouse Spa. Take this time to enjoy a hot stone massage or pamper yourself from head to toe. They also have services designed specifically to focus on helping you sleep better.

colorado honeymoon 11

Colorado Honeymoon Idea #2: Silverton

Llama Trekking and Bluebird Sky

For the truly adventurous newlyweds, Colorado hosts an expedition that has its roots in the Andes. Redwood Llamas offers 11 different trips that are perfect adventures for every experience from beginners all the way to the advanced outdoors enthusiast. In these trips, you will trek into the heart of the beloved San Juan range of the Rockies with your trusted llama companions. Since llamas are originally from the Andes mountain range, they a specifically built for high altitude exploration and can carry up to 100lb through the roughest terrain.

Before the trip – It is recommended that you arrive at least one day early to begin your preparation for the trip. The night before your departure you will meet with your guide at the company HQ and go over the all the details of the trip and receive your llama packs.

420 twist: Stop at one of Silverton’s two recreational dispensaries the day before your llama trek begins and stock up on pre-rolled joints and edibles. This will make the mighty San Juan Peaks even more surreal.

1st day of a llama trekking Colorado Honeymoon

On day 1 you will start your journey at 8:30 am at the trailhead that your trek will be following. If you take the Kilpacker Basin trip your first day will be a 4-mile trek into the Kilpacker Basin where you will set up base camp in the shadow of El Diente Peak. You find peace and tranquility relaxing in the meadow with no modern nuisances and not a care in the world.

colorado honeymoon 2

2nd and 3rd days of a llama trekking Colorado Honeymoon

You can either choose to chill at base camp or go on one of two hikes. The first option is a hike to Navajo lake where you can enjoy its pristine waters with some blue-dream Sky. The second takes you to the base of El Diente and Mt. Wilson.

Final day of a llama trekking Colorado Honeymoon

You will pack out on the same trail you took in back to the trailhead leaving you with memories that will seem like you just woke up from a purple haze. You will arrive back at the company’s HQ between 2-3 PM giving you enough time to grab some food before you start your drive back to civilization. As you drive through the mountains back to the airport or back home, you are going to find yourself wishing you were back with your sweetheart and your trusted wooly companions.


Colorado Honeymoon Idea #3: Steamboat Springs

Soak and Toke

Just a short day trip from Denver, Steamboat Springs is a northern Colorado ski town that is known for its natural geothermal springs. These natural springs are said to have beneficial effects on the body and mind. In the summertime, the gondola is open to taking hikers and bikers up to 9,000 ft where they can take numerous trails down the mountain or hike up to the top at 10,384 ft.

420 twist: Before heading to Steamboat Springs from the Mile High City, be sure to stop at one of the many Denver pot shops in town to get yourself a vape pen with a couple of cartridges. These offer maximum discretion, allowing the vapor of the pen to blend with the steam from the hot springs.

1st day of a Steamboat Springs Colorado Honeymoon

Check into your lodging, then head straight to Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Note – if you get there after dark, be prepared for the clothing-optional policy. The laid-back nudism and the warmth of the minerals will kick your Colorado honeymoon off on a high note.


2nd Day of a Steamboat Springs Colorado Honeymoon

While in the area, why not do some high adventuring? Start the day off with a relaxing ride in a hot air balloon. Get a bird’s eye view of the lush green valley floor and a lazy stream running through it as you coast along in the breeze. Steamboat loves hot air ballooning and is home to the annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo – a 37-year tradition! Later in the day explore by horseback. There are two ranches in the area that offer horseback tours; both offer a magical experience.

3rd Day of a Steamboat Springs Colorado Honeymoon

The lush forest around Steamboat Springs is home to an exhilarating adventure park. At this park, you will get to climb high into the treetops before soaring back down. As you zip line from post to post you will feel the cool mountain air rushing past your face and through your hair.

Once you are finally back on solid ground relax and go brewery hopping in town. Breweries in the mountains are some of the coolest places local spots you can hope to find, and they all have a unique atmosphere. Between the inspiring views and the unique flavors, you will love going to any of Steamboat’s local breweries. Just remember that alcohol affects you more quickly at this altitude.

colorado honeymoon 8

Final Day of a Steamboat Springs Colorado Honeymoon

There’s no snow on the ski resort during the summer, but this doesn’t mean there aren’t things to do. On your final day take a ride on the gondola up to mid-mountain from there you can either take a leisurely hike or an exhilarating bike ride down to the bottom. Afterward, relax at the spa and pamper yourself. As you’re relaxing, take a chance to reflect on the awe and wonder of the area.  At the end of the day enjoy some new takes on rocky mountain classic dishes.

Colorado Honeymoon Idea #4.20: Denver

The Mile High Urban Getaway

More than just a gateway into the high country, Denver has become a destination on any top 10 best cities in the US list for a few years now. It is also the largest city in Colorado, with a rich culture and non-stop events and nightlife.

420 twist: One of the coolest things you can do that is exclusive to Denver is a 420-friendly weed tour. The best company in the industry is My 420 Tours, offering an inside tour of grows, dispensaries, and breweries. There’s even a special three-day all-inclusive package for high-minded Colorado honeymooners.

colorado honeymoon 10

1st Day of a Denver Colorado Honeymoon

When you first get into the city, head to downtown Denver where most of the action is. Once you get your stash, enjoy a Rockies game. Even if they are not one of the best teams in the league, going to see a ball game makes for a fantastic first night. The lights, sound, and atmosphere are energizing and a great way to start your stay!

2nd Day of a Denver Colorado Honeymoon

After getting lightly toasted on one of the world-famous 420 tours, stay cool during the rest of a hot Denver day by heading over to Cherry Creek Reservoir or Chatfield Lake. There you can rent a kayak or paddleboard and get a little wet. This is as close to a beach that you’ll get at 5,280 feet of altitude!

3rd Day of a Denver Colorado Honeymoon

In Denver, there is no shortage of museum visiting one of them is not a bad way to beat the heat. The Museum of Nature and Science, a free Denver Mint tour, or the Denver Art Museum are highly rated.  After that, you can grab some dinner at a world-class restaurant. There are hundreds to choose from and styles of cooking from around the globe including many fusion restaurants.

On a full stomach, head over to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts seeing a Broadway-level show. Many of the shows you will be able to see are award-winning, so you know you will not be disappointed.

colorado honeymoon 13

Final Day of a Denver Colorado Honeymoon

For your last day, why not see some more cool plants? head over to the Denver Botanic Gardens. The gardens allow you to see exotic plants from around the globe if you are lucky you will even be able to see one of their two corpse flowers bloom.

For one last flapper-style fling before you leave town, head to a trendy Denver speakeasy. After getting past the door, you’ll be whisked into a world of high-class cocktails and chic décor. Cheers!

Colorado Honeymoon Idea #5: Palisade

Go Ahead — Have a Drink

Most of Colorado is a semi-arid, but there are some areas of highly fertile land. One of these areas is the “fruit basket” of Palisade and Grand Junction. Nestled on the western side of the Rockies and with the Colorado River running through them, this area is the winery capital of Colorado and growing area for the states famous Palisade peaches. This abundance of farms and vineyards makes it the perfect Colorado honeymoon spot for the wine lover.

420 twist: In addition to the vineyards, orchards, wineries, distillery, and meadery, you’ll also find the Colorado Weedery, located on the charming Peach Avenue. This is a fun little stop to add to your wine country adventuring!


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1st Day of a Palisade Colorado Honeymoon

Palisade offers some unique activities and attractions. To get in the spirit of the area, book a horse-drawn carriage ride. These rides are available right in the heart of Palisade, with several types of carriages to choose from. You can book one for you and your significant other and customize depending on your preferences.

Or, if you’re feeling as lazy as the Colorado River that flows through the area, float downstream on a paddleboard, tube, or gentle river trip. Bring some local beverages on board to keep the buzz going.

2nd Day of a Palisade Colorado Honeymoon

No trip to an area like this would be complete without visiting at least one vineyard. In Palisade there are plenty of highly rated vineyards after you choose one take a grand tour of the growing, and fermenting processes. Once you get your fill of wine, go and visit one of the local peach farms, these peaches are highly sought-after in Colorado as they are some of the juiciest fruits around.


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3rd Day of a Palisade Colorado Honeymoon

Grand Mesa is the largest flattop in the world. Start off early in the morning by hitting the Grand Mesa scenic byway to get a look at the natural wonder. The byway will take you through the heart of the park past countless lakes, majestic forests of aspens and top of the mesa.

While heading back to Palisade go wild by stopping at the Little Book Cliffs Wild Horse Area. Once you get there, you can explore on foot or horseback. No matter which way you choose to explore you will get to see majestic roaming herds of mustangs. These herds have been around since the Spaniards came to the Americas and some of their horses escaped. You will need to be careful not to get to close as they are wild animals, but you will be mesmerized at the sight of them.

4th Day of a Palisade Colorado Honeymoon

On the last day of your Colorado Honeymoon visit western Colorado’s only full-service u-pick orchard Fruit Basket Orchard. With a variety of fruits to choose from it is the perfect place to relax and find some fun. Picking the fruits also allows you have a hyper-local food experience with a unique connection to your snack.

colorado honeymoon telluride

Colorado Honeymoon Idea #6: Winter in Telluride

Shred Powder in an Iconic Ski Town

Telluride is a world-class ski resort that has been ranked in the top ten globally by Snow Magazine. Like many towns in the Rocky Mountains it has been built in the footprint of what was once a booming mining town, but its legacy has changed to a center of culture, art, and adventure. The four-day itinerary below is for winter visits, but Telluride is a year-round kind of place.

420 twist: Toke it easy on the Telluride Green Tour, a fun two-hour walking tour of the town’s dispensaries. The tour runs on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at – you guessed it – 4:20.

 1st Day of a Telluride Colorado Honeymoon

The second you get there, head over to the closest ski rental spot and get your gear. Even though Colorado has some of the best powder in the country it is a good idea to get a helmet because below that snow are jagged rocks that can kill. Once you have everything, it is time to hit the slopes. Start off slow by hitting some of these easier trails. Once you get used to the altitude, it is time to hit either the peaks or go gladding.

colorado honeymoon telluride

2nd Day of a Telluride Colorado Honeymoon

Experience the wilderness in the mountains above Telluride with a snowmobile tour. Several tour companies offer a variety of packages some even including a midday lunch and soak in local hot springs. If you choose the full day tour, you will start off in the early morning with instructions on how to operate your snowmobile. Then you start your journey into the wilderness. As you rush through the woods at a blistering pace, you will be gliding over fresh untouched snow. After a few hours, you will stop for some lunch before hitting the trail again.

3rd Day of a Telluride Colorado Honeymoon

Now that you have truly gotten used to the altitude over the past few days it’s time for a truly extreme experience.  Heli-skiing is by any standard one of the most extreme sports in the world taking deep into the mountains via helicopter to otherwise inaccessible areas. The packages include everything you need from powder skis to avalanche protective equipment/ training. Each day trip package will start in the morning and will give you six runs that give you between 10,000 and 14,000 vertical feet of unspoiled powder with no lines. If you want to take your time or bang out runs like crazy, you get to choose the pace that you want to take. Once you have finished your runs, kick back relax and enjoy the scenery as you get chauffered back to town.

4th Day of a Telluride Colorado Honeymoon

Start off by enjoying a nice big breakfast either in the hotel or at one of the numerous local restaurants. Once you are finished chowing down, it is time to experience the most renowned ice climbing area in all of North America. Several tour companies can guide you up to these sheets of ice so do your research and choose which one you feel most comfortable with. The highest falls that you can climb in the area is Bridalveil Falls, which in the winter time forms a sheet of ice rising 365ft. This experience is the perfect last day activities to help you create lasting memories and a special bond after the actual bridal veil has been put away.


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Colorado Honeymoons: The Final Hit

When looking for honeymoon locations, most people look at Europe or exotic tropical islands as a first pick. While these are great spots, they are a hassle to get to –  you may spend an entire day just to get there. Colorado may not be far-flung, but it offers many of the same luxuries with its own adventurous flair and something for any newlywed couple. Plus it has the added perk of legal cannabis to sprinkle on top for a heightened bonding experience.

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur, love experiencing nature, or want to take a step back in time, there is a high-adventure Colorado honeymoon for you.


Cannabis Massage


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