Tips and Strains for Treating Stress and Anxiety

Stress is one of those feelings almost every adult can relate to. One of the worst things about stress is that it often starts as a small issue you believe to be manageable but over time, trickles into many parts of your life.

If you don’t have measures to help you chill and deal with the worst of your stress, it can rob you of your peace of mind, reduce your ability to function and eventually lead to depression and a variety of health issues as a result of a weakened immune system and brain function. One of the best ways to deal with stress is the use of cannabis.

The medicinal benefits of this drug are only beginning to be understood by the majority of the population therefore, many have yet to learn the advantages it can have in relieving stress when properly used. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know.

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Tips for Treating Stress with Cannabis


CBD – the non-psychoactive compound that is found in the cannabis plant alongside THC – is gaining notoriety for several stress-busting properties. It is calming and anti-inflammatory and is also used to treat spasms and seizures. Sample premium CBD products and compare CBD vs THC every Friday at My 420 Tours.

Note the terpenes

Like most flowers, cannabis plants have aromatic oils in them called terpenes. If you are lucky enough to live in a legalization state, take note of the terpene profile of your bud. Two terpenes that help with stress are Caryophyllene and Linalool.

Keep a cannabis journal

If you’re experimenting with cannabis medicinally to treat stress, try to track what you’re using and what the results are. When you use it, write down what strain and what amount you’re using, then record the kind of high you experience. This practice will help with mindfulness as well.

Try micro-dosing

When it comes to cannabis, more is not necessarily better. In fact, micro-dosing is a good way to go for the benefits of cannabis without the buzz or feeling too high. While the correct dosage for micro-dosing is personal and subjective, it is recommended to start at 2.5mg. From there, go for a dose that gives the minimal noticeable effect.

Go smoke-free

More and more, health-minded cannabis users opt for smoke-free ways to consume. This often means vaporizing concentrates and extracts such as live resin with a vape pen, vaporizing the flower itself, or ingesting THC in a food item, tincture, or capsule. Combustion-free methods help with odor and discretion, which, in turn, may relieve some anxiety and stress around using cannabis.

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Top Cannabis Strains for Fighting Stress


Many users record higher levels of anxiety when they smoke cannabis that has high levels of THC. If you’re new to the world of cannabis, it’s important to note that the primary active compounds found in it are THC and CBD.

CBD is known to have an extremely calming effect in the body, and is also considered medicinal. THC, on the other hand, is the component responsible for the euphoric feeling that gets you high.

For stress relief, you need a little bit of both compounds. On one hand, the CBD will calm you down while on the other the THC will help you feel dreamy and mellow. Cannatonic contains a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC, making it an awesome stress reliever. Below are some of the most popular strains of cannabis recommended for stress relief.

Sour diesel

This is one of the most unique strains of the hybrid variety, meaning it has been developed to incorporate both indica and sativa strains into one plant. It’s ultimately a sativa-dominant strain that will simultaneously have you feeling dreamy and energetic.

Sour diesel gained its popularity in the 1990s and has been the go-to variety for anyone who wants to manage their stress and anxiety. Some stress-relieving varieties of cannabis are known to cause lethargy after just one toke, but this strain also provides that all-important dose of energy you need to get you through the day — while at the same time alleviating your stress.

Green Crack

This strain is best known for its exceptional energy-boosting properties. If you’ve used cannabis before and can tolerate the euphoric uplifting effects that come with it, this should be your best go-to strain for stress relief.

The best thing about green crack is that it helps you forget all your symptoms of stress and depression and will uplift your spirits. Better, it offers your brain mental clarity, allowing you to go about your day-to-day activities without feeling drowsy or lethargic.

Royal Jack

This is another sativa-dominant blend that’s been recognized as medical bud for many years. It’s popular because it provides the best of both worlds; the cerebral elevation of sativas and the mellow effect that comes from indicas. When you take a toke of the Royal Jack, it mellows you out and helps your mind chill so you can forget your stress, but also gives you a daylong boost of energy.

Grape God

This combination of two strains of cannabis, Grapefruit and God Bud, is a potent hybrid that will negate your stress and leave you feeling relaxed and smiling all through the day. One nice thing about Grape God is its grapefruit smell combined with the earthy flavor of the God Bud strain, which makes for a very pleasant smoking experience.

Super Silver Haze

This strain has been around for a while and even won awards for being one of the best varieties of pot for stress relief. Super Silver Haze is the perfect blend between the Northern Lights, Skunk, and Haze strains, and offers a long-lasting energetic high. If you tend to you wake up mornings feeling a little blue, a few puffs of SSH will better prepare you for the day ahead.

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The Final Hit: Stress and Cannabis

These strains are among your best bets when you want to relieve stress. That being said, new strains are constantly developed and mixed for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re a veteran cannabis user or new to the product, understanding what works for your brain and body is the first step to a positive and helpful experience.

The legalization of weed in many states across America and the world are making not only research possible but the overall acceptance that weed is not just a party drug, it’s also a medicinal substance.

Additionally, If you’re someone battling stress and tend to have too much alone time – the acceptance of weed culture has created a community of like-minded cannabis users. Between cannabis speakeasy bars, 420 tours, and special cannabis events, there are a variety of activities that can be found in many cities for those looking to find a new hobby and perhaps some new friends.


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