Denver’s newest weed and beer tour boosts special needs bartenders

DENVER, CO — The staff of Brewability Lab lit up as a white tour bus pulled up outside their brewery on Friday, August 25. It was the first visit from a My 420 Tours party limo, carrying passengers of the Budz and Sudz cannabis and beer tour. The tour pairs grow op and dispensary visits with local beer tastings. Now, with a new alliance between Brewability and My 420 Tours, the brewery experience is both highly local and extra meaningful.

brewability lab

Brewability Lab Lighting the Way

Tiffany Fixter, the founder of Brewability Lab, had samples of their four tap beers poured and ready for the thirsty group of 20 tourists that emerged from the 420-friendly limo bus. They sipped the tasters as Tiffany explained Brewability Labs’ social mission.

“The brewery only employs adults with physical and developmental disabilities,” she tells the group on the front patio of the brewery. “Our bartenders have blindness, hearing impairment, and some are on the autism spectrum.

The brewery, launched in October of 2016, is on a mission to provide job training and skills for people with disabilities in Denver’s booming beer and hospitality industries. Tiffany brings a background in special education and a passion for beer to her brewery. She raised $32 thousand on Kickstarter to bring her dream to fruition, exceeding her goal by $2 thousand.

Brewability beer tour

Meet a Brewability Bartender

Devon is the assistant brewer behind the bar at Brewability. He’s been at Brewability for eight months, making him the second of five staffers to get on board. His favorite part of the job is the free beer. Asked about what’s on tap, Devon recommends the strawberry blonde because it’s “beer-forward, with a strawberry background to it.”

His reaction to cannabis tourists coming to visit Brewability by the busful? “Awesome. I’d love that.” His advice for people that are visiting Denver is straightforward.  “Drink good beer.”

brewability beer tour2

Adding to the 420 Denver Travel Experience

Beyond a local craft beer experience, My 420 Tours guests were thrilled with their role in visiting a new brewery with a social vision. They asked their tour guide, Tony, all their beer-related questions as he brought them behind the scenes and explained the brewing process. Most of them ordered a beer from the color-coded menu

Sarah and Jordan, a couple on the Budz and Sudz tour, chose to vacation in Denver for the weed. In their home state of Minnesota, legalization is restricted to very narrow medical cases, so they wanted to enjoy Denver’s recreational cannabis landscape. For them, Denver has been a breath of fresh air. They’re staying at the Lumber Baron Inn in the Highlands, which prides itself on a haunted history and its 420-friendly garden area. The favorite part of the brewery tour was the first dispensary, LaConte’s, because it felt very indie and local.


Sarah appreciated the local vibe and vision of the brewery portion of the tour. “I think it’s a really good concept,” she says while nursing a beer from the brewery’s trademark beaker glasses. “It’s been cool to come here because these spots are unique. There should be more of them!”

Back at the My 420 Tours headquarters after the tour, one passenger pulled out the Brewability tee shirt she had purchased at the brewery. She couldn’t wait to tell other passengers about her experience. “This place was amazing,” she gushed. “I love what they are doing.”

brewability beer tour

Get On Board

Founded in 2013, My 420 Tours is the original and best cannabis tour company in Denver, Colorado. Follow the green brick road into Denver’s blazing cannabis culture through immersive cannabis pairings and activities, a curated selection of 420-friendly hotels, and weed-themed all-inclusive vacations.

The Budz and Sudz tour departs every Thursday and Friday at 3pm from the My 420 Tours Headquarters in North Denver. Price is $59 per person. For details and to book your tour, visit the My 420 Tours website or call (855) 694-2086 to speak with a cannabis concierge today.

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