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How to Tell if Vaping is Safe?

By Ben Owens Is Vaping Safe?The short answer, it’s the same as trusting the fruit you eat or the meat you cook is safe; you can hope and trust it is but at the end of the day, unless you grew and extracted your own cannabis, assembled and filled the vape yourself, or...

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Setting Up Your Cannabis Infused Kitchen

We often get questions from our guests about making edibles, and with more and more states legalizing cannabis, it’s now easier than ever for the home cook to safely and legally experiment with infused meals in the comfort of their own kitchen. Although...

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Travel Guide To Cannabis Experiences Around The World

By My 420 ToursCannabis tourism is booming. The reason for that is the legalization of marijuana in various countries across the world. But cannabis experiences are not exactly new. People have been traveling to places where they can consume marijuana...

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What is a budtender?

By Ben Owens   To begin, with more states and countries legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use, more jobs are being created for this new industry, including the profession of a budtender. Generally stating, budtenders are one of the most...

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Weed Candy: The Best Recipes

First, marijuana or cannabis is available in almost limitless edible forms. For example, if you just imagine something, probably someone somewhere made edible cannabis version of that. Additionally, it usually takes more time to get the effects of...

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Trippiest All Inclusive Trips in the World

First, when it comes to all-inclusive vacations, we always say: the trippier the better. With that said, these four trippy all-inclusive trips will help you discover new places — both inside yourself and around the world.  Who Should Book a Trippy...

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Colorado Road Trip: The Ultimate Guide

Colorado is an ideal state for road tripping. If you’ve got a car, you can easily get across the state, from Kansas to Utah, in just seven hours. Or, make the north/south drive from Wyoming to New Mexico in just under five hours. No matter which way you drive, this...

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IV Hydration: All of your questions answered

IV Hydration: All Your Questions AnsweredPlus, we break down the Top 10 IV Hydration Bars in Denver.By Ben Owens IV DRIP, DRIP, DRIPYou may have noticed a new trend of intravenous (IV) clinics popping up in areas near you. These aren’t your standard...

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Things to do High: Coors Brewery Tour

Things to do High: Coors Brewery Tour By Ben Owens   To begin, if you’re looking for things to do high in the Denver area, we recommend touring the Coors Brewery in Golden, CO. As you may or may not know, Golden started in the late 1800’s and frequented by miners...

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Special Edition “PRIDE” Tours 6/14-15

PRIDE FEST IS FINALLY HERE!   LAST YEARS RECAPLast year the My 420 Tours Squad got into their PRIDE-fest best by entering the parade for the finale on Sunday.  We teamed up with some of our local partners, distributed some cool gifts and discounts for the...

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5 Fun Things to Do High in Colorado

  Welcome to the holy land of legal cannabis.  Are you looking for entertainment while enjoying the Rocky Mountain High that we’re famous for? Or, maybe you’ve lived here for years and are looking for something to do once you’ve sparked up? Notably, there are so...

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Best 420 Events In Town

Denver 420 Events: 2019 EditionBy Ben OwensWhether you’re local to Denver or just visiting, 4/20 is always a celebration, and there’s no shortage of Denver 420 events. Denver’s starting the party early on Wednesday, 4/17, with a women’s cannabis gathering...

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Cannabis House Bill 19-1230

Colorado Cannabis Bill Aims to Regulate Public Consumption   Colorado was one of the first to legalize cannabis for recreational use in 2012. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s been all high times for the Centennial State. Amendment 64 allowed for...

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WIN $1500 in Red Rocks Tix, 420 Tours, and Vape Gear!

Time to celebrate, 420 is upon us.Enter to WIN $1500 in Red Rocks Tickets, My 420 Tours - "Buds & Beers", and tons of cool vape accessories in our ULTIMATE 420 GIVEAWAY!Enjoy your cannabis holiday with products from GRAV, OIlmate, Boundless Technologies, and Vesl...

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How To Clean a Glass Pipe

Tips and Tricks on How to Remove Resin and GrimeBy Ben OwensCannabis users and budtenders love glassware. Among the most commonly used devices for enjoying cannabis (rivaling the trusted pack of pre-rolled joints), glass pipes and bowls are often among the...

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10 Mother Daughter Trips with a Cannabis Twist

Top Destinations for Mother-Daughter Duos to Bond over BudRemember when you were a little girl and your mom was your best friend? But then you got older, and it wasn’t always easy to find time to spend together (cue that sad Harry Chapin song)? What better...

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