Why to Travel to Denver for a 420-themed 40th Birthday Bash

Wild nights filled with booze, bar-hopping, and foggy memories might be behind you, but that doesn’t mean you can just sit at home on your 40th birthday!  That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of 40th birthday party ideas to send you over the hill the right way in Denver, Colorado, aka the Mile-High City.

Now don’t get me wrong. You can still enjoy your beers and bud. We just know you’d rather do it with a bit more class and sophistication to suit your years of experience and added wisdom. After all, you’ve made at least a little life progress since your blacked-out 21st birthday party and your less-sloppy 30th birthday party, right?

Luckily 420-friendly Denver has got you covered, and the Queen City of the High Plains knows how to serve up a night (or three) of fun and stimulating birthday celebrations. You might even build up your brain instead of beating it up! Here are our favorite 40th birthday party ideas in Denver.

40th birthday party ideas in Denver

40th birthday party ideas for men

Guided Brewery Tours

Onesie pub crawls may be out, but highbrow brewery tours are still in at 40!

Denver is internationally respected as a craft brew hub. While the RiNo District offers a great opportunity to explore the craft brewing scene on your own, you can also take a guided tour to get the full experience and in-depth knowledge.

Get the lowdown in LoDo on The Denver Microbrew Tour, the capital’s most central beer tour. You get to ‘drink with the best’-each of their tour guides are beer buffs ready to fill your brain to the brim with interesting information about the process of making liquid bread, as well as the way it’s changed over the years. Plus, if you’ve ever wanted to know the true differences between beer types, you’re in the right spot.

The tour’s highlight is Wynkoop Brewing Company, founded by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper. Denver Brew Tours also offers flexible party bus or private van options that let you choose from over a hundred breweries in LoHi and beyond!  This one is great if you’re a serious beer geek looking to check out some of the lesser known spots.  Hell, you could stop at two breweries for each year of your life and still have a bunch left over.  Although I doubt you’d have much of a liver left over after that!

These are great options for to have a good time imbibing and celebrating your 40th birthday party while learning a thing or two about brewing beer from the people who know it best here in Denver!

P.S. If you want to add a high note to a beer tour, check out the Buds & Beers Tour.

Host a Casino Night

This might not be Vegas, but Denver still knows how to throw a damn good casino-themed birthday party. Denver Casino & Poker Rentals will provide all the equipment and tuxedo-clad dealers you need.  Plus, they’ll take care of everything from setup to tear-down, so you’re free to gamble the night away with friends and family.

With legit equipment and professional staff, you get the best of Vegas but skip all the glitz and glam.

40th birthday party ideas 2

Go for a Hike

Welcome to the Mile High City. Why not start the celebration early with a hike in the foothills? Get yourself over the hill both literally and figuratively on one of the areas many day-hike trails.

Hayden Green Mountain Park is a great option, located just off Alameda Ave in Lakewood. North Table Mountain in Golden offers a number of trails with great views of the Front Range to the west and downtown Denver to the east.

In town, Bear Creek Trail gives you a taste of Denver’s natural beauty right in the city. Its shady, gradually-sloping trails wind past Bear Creek, so bring your bait and tackle! Picnic tables and charcoal grills give you everything you need to set up and make a day of it with family and friends.

There’s no better way to let 40 sink in than from the top of a mountain. Especially in Colorado.

Go Go-Karting

Channel your inner Mario Kart. Denver’s  Unser Karting and Events hosts private parties for adults on their indoor and outdoor tracks. Crush the competition, celebrate your 40th in the Trackside Tavern with 12 beers on tap and great food, or hang out in your private event space with catered food and cake.

Just make sure you haven’t thrown too many back beforehand!

40th birthday party ideas3

40th birthday party ideas for women

Take a Sushi and Joint Rolling Class

Denver excels at pairing good food with good weed, and it’s about time these two activities came together under one roof. This option is perfect for couples and groups as well. Denver’s signature Sushi & Joint Rolling Class starts with a joint rolling lesson. Details are precise – down to the proper way to light a joint and how to hold and inhale. The actual partaking goes down in a private party bus out front.

Then, once everyone’s good and baked, the class heads back inside for the sushi portion. A pro sushi chef and guides you through the steps of rolling sushi, with a bit of colorful history on the dish itself. If there were ever an activity to do while high, eating sushi is right at the top of both 40th birthday party ideas and stuff to do while high. Now you’re adding a dose of DIY into the mix. No experience is necessary for the class, so roll up your sleeves and get rollin’!

Afterward, head out for a beer or cocktail in Denver’s RiNo District, a hub for artists that’s packed breweries and bars that are perfect for a girls night out.

If sticking with your own crew is more your style, you can always hire the chef and throw a private party for your family and friends!  The professional sushi chef who runs the Sushi and Joints class is available as your own personal instructor.  He can also teach you to cook some crazy cannabis-infused meals and desserts if you’re into that.

40th birthday party ideas in Colorado

Explore the RiNo District

Speaking of RiNo, this is one Denver neighborhood you’ve got to see.  In fact, Lonely Planet named it one of the ‘top 10 neighborhoods in the US you need to visit’.

Avoid the booze-filled bar crawls of days long gone, but if you like good beer, we’ve got a 40-year-old version for you:

The River North district is packed not only with artists and their galleries but tons of craft breweries competing and collaborating.  Celebrate by sampling some brews, walk around to check out the different artwork, catch a show put on by local musicians, and grab food at the restaurants nearby.  There are plenty of options, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Most are within walking distance, an important factor now that you’re 40. Keep the doctor off your back and tell him how much exercise you got over your birthday touring the RiNo District!

Tour a specialty museum

You know you’re well past your twenties when museums make the birthday list. 40th birthday party ideas go over much better when there’s a bit of culture tossed in along with the indulgence.

Car lovers will get revved up for the Forney Museum of Transportation that showcases rare cars (and even a few trains) from over the years. This museum rotates collections, so you can even stop back on your birthday next year for an entirely new experience.

Titanic fans will want to check out the Molly Brown House Museum, home of one of the survivors from the infamous wreck. Coin collectors or any lovers of cold hard cash will find the Denver Mint Tour intriguing.


I know you think that 40 years means four decades of gracing your friends and family with that angelic voice of yours.  So let ‘em hear it!

You might not win any awards, but you’ll have a killer time in your own private suite at Voicebox Karaoke, another highlight of the RiNo District.  What’s better than awesome food and drink, your own personal server, and the sweet sound of your friends’ golden pipes belting out tunes from your customized set list?

40th birthday party ideas

Clocktower Cabaret

Step through “a rabbit hole into another world” beneath the historic D & F Tower on the 16th Street Mall for a night of music, standup, circus, dance, and the always-entertaining drag shows.

With a full bar and kitchen ready to cater to your tastes, the Clocktower Cabaret stands as one of the best birthday venues in Denver. It meshes delicious cuisine, creative cocktails and comedy for an experience that will make your 40th memorable for you and your friends.

The option for privacy and customization is a common theme for these 40th birthday party ideas, and the Clocktower Cabaret is no different. Grab group tickets so you’ll all be together for the event, or rent out your own room for additional privacy.  The calendar is packed with events, so you’re sure to find something you like.

Stay at a 420-friendly Hotel

There are so many 40th birthday party ideas. No matter where you head for the celebration, spend the night in one of Denver’s 420-friendly hotels. They  provide vaporizers for their guests to partake in-room.

The best weed and the means to vape it right in your hotel will leave you wondering how to stop the munchies. Many of these green hotels offer their guests discounts at nearby restaurants, attractions, and dispensaries. Make your way from one to the other and end the night off right.

The next day, recouperate with a Cannabis massage – an in-room or in-studio infused massages for you and your crew. The oils don’t produce psychoactive effects, but they do produce intense relaxation and soothing relief from soreness.


Sushi Rolling Class Denver

Sushi & Joint Rolling

Every Thu, Fri, and Sat at 7PM
$79 Per Person
Play. Roll. Eat. Drink. Smoke! This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to roll authentic sushi and joints.
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Buds & Beers

Every Thu, Fri & Sat at 3PM
$79 Per Person
Play. Indulge. Enjoy. Party! The best of Colorado Craft Brews and Cannabis awaits you on this adventure.
View Details

The Complete Cannabis Tour

Every Sat, Sun and Mon at 11:30
$49 Per Person
A window to all things weed. A fun overview of handcrafted cannabis cultivation, concentrates, and strains.
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Cannabis Wellness Tour

Every Sun at 11AM
$119 Per Person
Learn. Heal. Nurture. Soothe. Find the crossroads of cannabis and wellness at Verde Natural’s grow and dispensary.
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Marijuana Concentrates Tour

Every Fri at 4PM
$69 Per Person
Enjoy. Explore. Learn. Concentrates. Enjoy a deep dive into cannabis concentrates, plus a dispensary visit.
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Greenhouse Grow Tour

Every Tue – Fri at 11AM
$59 Per Person
Discover. Learn. Grow. Enjoy. Explore. Witness a true behind-the-scenes look at one of Colorado’s best cultivation facilities.
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