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Cannabis tourism is booming. The reason for that is the legalization of marijuana in various countries across the world. But cannabis experiences are not exactly new. People have been traveling to places where they can consume marijuana freely and without any worries of legal consequences for as long as we can remember. But over the years, the number of such places has grown significantly.

If you are a marijuana enthusiast who wants to embark on a marijuana journey and experience this potent plant in an entirely new way, you came to the right place. CNBS produced an extensive piece about cannabis tourism and according to their report, the best way to plan a marijuana vacation is to schedule it around marijuana-themed festivals.

It would not be surprising if you had not heard of any of these cannabis experiences before because these events were not exactly advertised publicly so marijuana enthusiasts have largely remained invisible up until now.

Fortunately, times have changed and now there are countless events you can visit and enjoy weed openly (and buy cannabis products). In this article, we will provide more information about marijuana-themed festivals taking place in various parts of the world. With our guide, you can grab a pen and plan your marijuana vacation today.


World Cannabis Week in Denver, CO

My 420 Tours and World Cannabis Week- Denver, Colorado

Ever since Colorado became the first state to legalize, the state has quickly become the leader of cannabis experiences. My 420 Tours being the first legal marijuana tourism company in North America has paved the way. They offer a wide range of experiences, tours and classes and even partner with some premier hotels in the Denver area.

Denver has also dedicated an entire week to the celebration of marijuana. World Cannabis Week takes place in April and includes a variety of events you can attend. While you’re there, we recommend joining one of the My 420 Tours Buds & Beers: A Grow and Brewery Tour which takes place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday afternoon. It’s a unique 420 experience that combines your love for craft beer and weed.


Amsterdam Cup

Amsterdam Cup-Amsterdam, Netherlands

As you know, Amsterdam has been a cannabis hotspot since the ‘60s. It used to be one of the only places where you could sit in a coffee shop and enjoy a cup of coffee with a joint on the side! Even though it’s not the only cannabis sanctuary anymore, Amsterdam is still one of the favorite places to visit for marijuana lovers.

The Amsterdam Cup festival takes place around November 24-26 even though last year, the date was moved to the middle of summer in July, according to the official website. The festival began back in 1987 so it’s been around for more than 30 years. There are always celebrity guests and excellent music, and of course, a fine selection of the best marijuana strains to choose from.




Hash Bash

Hash Bash-Ann Arbor, Michigan

The Hash Bash festival in Ann Arbor, Michigan has originated back in 1972 so it’s one of the cannabis experiences with the longest tradition. It takes place at the Diag at Michigan University and this year, the festival marked its 48th annual celebration. The festival is held during the first week of April every year and starts at high noon.


Cannafest-Prague, Czech Republic

This old and beautiful European city hosts one of the largest cannabis experiences in the world called Cannafest. According to the sources, the festivals bring together about 25,000 visitors who together attend seminars, meet growers and researches, etc. This year, Cannafest will take place from 01-03 November and will feature more than 500 exhibitors so if visiting Europe is on your vacation to-do list, make sure to attend this annual cannabis celebration.


Emerald Cup

Emerald Cup-Santa Rosa, California

California should also be included in your marijuana-themed world tour. According to their website, the Emerald Cup brings together experts and educators in the field so it combines education with entertainment. Besides the renowned speakers, there is great music too, of course. The Emerald Cup is actually an annual contest aimed at finding the best marijuana flowers as well as cannabis-based products in the world.

The event began in 2003 and over the years, it has become one of the top destinations for growers and cannabis enthusiasts alike. The event is focused on organic, outdoor farming and has earned a reputation of being one of the largest and most attended cannabis experiences.


Smoke-In-Washington, D.C.

Believe it or not, one of the oldest annual celebrations of marijuana is held right across the street from the White House in Washington D.C. Even though smoking is illegal in the district, every year, a large number of people gather in Lafayette Park to defy the law. The Smoke-In event had allegedly begun sometime in the ‘60s and the organizers were believed to be members of the Youth International Party.

Smoke-In is a 4th of July tradition so if you are planning a cannabis tour around the U.S., don’t forget to include Washington in your schedule.


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