We put out some kickass posts for our readers here at My 420 Tours, but we’re not the only ones decorating the internet with fun facts and ephemera about the ever-changing world of cannabis culture. After a fun round of mild cyberstalking, we’ve curated a solid list of the top weed blogs for when you decide to partake in some ‘high minded’ reading the next time you get stoned.

These weed blogs and accompanying podcasts cover a wide range of topics: sex and marijuana, marijuana laws, research, recipes…even artificial intelligence! Whether you’re a soccer mom who smokes or a doctor curious about the healing qualities of cannabis, get ready to fall down the rabbit hole of weed blogs and meet this all-new species of cannabis lifestyle influencers. Without further ado, check out the best weed blogs below!

weed blogsThe Stoner Mom

Kathryn, better known on her blog as The Stoner Mom, pulls double duty as an awesome parent and advocate for medical and recreational marijuana in Colorado. In other words, she responsibly smokes a lot of pot. Kathryn’s goal is to change the stigma that comes with cannabis use and show how thousands of people — from moms like her to educators and industry leaders — use cannabis and live normal lives.

Her post on how she used CBD to get off prescription medication (Zoloft and Wellbutrin) sheds light on the healing benefits of cannabis and presents a strong argument for natural therapies in place of pills. She and her husband also host the popular podcast Mom and Dad are Stoned.

weed blogs cannabis cheriCannabis Cheri

What do you get when you mix professional food writing, recipe development, and cannabis? California’s Cannabis Cheri, dubbed the ‘Martha Stewart of Weed’ by The Daily Beast. Cheri Sicard’s skills in these areas and business knowledge as an internet entrepreneur led her to found FabulousFoods.com, which grew into one of the largest and most popular cooking and recipe sites.

It was her growing appreciation for the benefits to her health and wellbeing she experienced from using marijuana that she wanted to incorporate into her work, and so Cannabis Cheri was born. Now, we’ve all tried and failed to some point to bake tasty treats with weed (I don’t know-just like, dump it all in man.) But Cheri will make sure your edibles are never boring, and your marijuana dosages are spot on.

weed blogs green love denverGreen Love Denver

This is Denver’s own cannabis lifestyle blog bringing you the best in fashion, travel, yoga, and environmental and political issues as they relate to pot and beyond.  You might think the combination of topics would be overwhelming, but it’s easy to see how they’re all interconnected. In fact, this was my favorite part about Green Love’s blog: start with the post you’re looking for and then check your watch 15 minutes later after going down multiple rabbit holes to satisfy your curiosity.

You’ve heard of all the 30-day fitness challenges, but check out their 30-Day CBD Challenge blog posts for a look into a different kind of lifestyle change.  P.S. we also love Lucy because she kindly reviewed our Wellness Tour.

weed blogs hey hello highHeyHelloHigh

‘Power to the Lady Stoners.’

Their attitude says it all. These two city girls from the East Coast legalized state of Massachusettes are out to set the record straight about women who smoke weed. Yes, there are women (and men) who want to smoke, sleep, and eat Cheetos all day. But there are also ladies using cannabis and crushing it when it comes to living a fulfilling life- ‘women that are smart, successful, classy and smoke, too.’

Longtime users and newbies will learn something from this blog. Start with their first post in a series of upcoming posts on tolerance breaks.

weed blogs the hurt guruThe Hurt Guru

Don’t let the title throw you off — this lifestyle blog is all about healing and wellness practices. Started as a journalism assignment over seven years ago by San Diego writer Roni, this site highlights the value of medical cannabis from the personal realizations she has discovered throughout her own life. She takes a practical approach to her weed blogs: you’ll learn about different products, how to prepare for concerts and events, and how to use weed to achieve your fitness goals.

Every post gives something actionable to take away. She’s also a pretty brave guinea pig — as she says, she’s a scientist at heart. Read her post on experimenting with the medicinal herb ‘kratom’ to see what I mean.           

weed blogs goodshipThe Goodship

Set sail for the high seas aboard The Goodship, Washington state’s producer of delicious infused edibles such as chocolates and baked goods.  Judy Hall founded the company in 2014 and uses a special ingredient-organic cannabis extract-to have her fans coming back again and again for the clean, consistent high it produces.

Thought-provoking and practical, their blog hosts cannabis-infused edible reviews, interviews, and tips on everything from improving weddings with weed to weathering winters in Washington. Their ‘Higher Ed’ series will blow your mind, too, with topics like modern love and artificial intelligence.

weed blogs jane westJane West

Jane West is big. HUGE. Inc.com hails her as the ‘the most widely recognized female personality in cannabis’. But the name is more than just her blogger pseudonym: it represents an entire movement aimed at helping mainstream cannabis consumers like her reap the benefits of this natural alternative to pills and booze.

WIth an identity born in part out of getting fired after her employer saw her vaping on CNBC, this Colorado-based powerhouse shares her experiences as a mom and marijuana advocate on her blog. You’ll balk at the staggering stats highlighting America’s reliance on pills in the post on marijuana as an alternative to prescription medications.

the weed blogThe Weed Blog

Fitting name for a list of top weed blogs. Run from Oregon, TWB based itself in activism from the start and lives for one purpose: ‘to facilitate a constructive conversation about marijuana in America’. It’s a one-stop shop for all information related to marijuana, including its medicinal use, recreational consumption, and legalization.

With an up-to-date newsfeed and an active community of over 56 thousand members, this blog keeps you in the loop. Read this post about ‘The Right to Try Act’ that could give some patients access to MDMA, mushrooms, and marijuana if Trump signs a certain bill.

weed blogs medical marijuana 411Medical Marijuana 411

This is the perfect 420 blog if you want to avoid sifting through posts while looking for info on medical marijuana use. Researchers and advocates run Medical Marijuana 411 and focus on providing patients with the best information about the medical marijuana industry and community.

This high-profile weed blog sends out data-backed stories to its massive community (over 1 million Facebook fans!) of business leaders, patients, doctors and researchers to ensure readers have the latest information at hand in the ever-changing environment of medical marijuana legalization and use. The studies shed light on the herb’s optimistic future in healing patients with all manner of illnesses, including cancer.

Bud Mweed blogs bud manan HB

 You’ve got Uber Eats and Grub Hub to fight off the munchies, but Bud Man will get you high in the first place — that is, if your location is around Huntington Beach, CA. This company is a medical marijuana delivery service first and a blog second, but the concept was too cool not to include it on our list of top weed blogs. Summer’s coming in hot, so check out this post on the best things to do while high in California and take a trip out there! Once you see their customer service team, you’ll be glad you picked up from the Bud Man.  

Honorable Mentions

  • THC Overdose is a great resource for cannabis consumers, especially for basics and essentials
  • Mia Jane sheds light on the life and times of a cannabis influencer
  • Marijuana Mommy is another cannabis writer and mommy blogger hybrid to check out
  • Cannabis Curious is a great place to start for total newbies and first-timers
  • 420 Foodie Club covers food, as well as the production, legislation, financing, and culture of the cannabis industry
  • Sous Weed is a beautiful food blog that enlightens its readers on how to elevate their food


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