Visitors and Locals Alike Find Guidance to Medicating with Marijuana

“Start low and go slow.” Gage, the tour guide of Denver’s newest tour, is full of advice like this. As he leads Denver’s first-ever Cannabis Wellness Tour, he teaches guests about safe dosage of ingestible cannabis — commonly known as edibles — and other means of consumption.

My 420 Tours’ latest experience is all about education and medicating with cannabis. Whereas other tours have focused on recreational use and celebrating legalization with a party vibe, this one turns the page to a new chapter in cannabis experiences.

In over four years of operations, the pioneering tour company has learned that one size does not fit all. While some guests are looking for bachelor party antics, others seek medical usage and pain relief from the cannabis plant. Interest is on the rise about CBD, the plant compound without the psychoactive properties of THC but with proven therapeutic effects.

Finally, the bus has arrived for relief seekers in Denver — both locals and out-of-towners alike.

Hand in Hand with Verde Natural

The weekly three-hour wellness tour is a collaboration between My 420 Tours and Verde Natural. Founded in 2009, Verde Natural is the largest grow facility to use organic, “living soil” methods. Only recently has Verde Natural opened its doors to recreational customers, after having served the medical marijuana community exclusively until October 2017.  

“I couldn’t imagine a better partner for a cannabis wellness experience,” says Danny Schaefer, CEO of My 420 Tours. “Verde Natural is a respected leader in the medical cannabis space, and they’re just great people. They have so much knowledge and passion to share with our guests. Their contribution to the community as a thought leader in organic cultivation practices is helping set a new standard for the cannabis industry.”

MMJ Expertise from Dr. Cohen

The Wellness Tour follows a similar format to other My 420 Tours experiences. Hop on board a consumption-friendly limo bus, visit a fragrant grow facility, then shop at a dispensary. This one is different, however, with its emphasis on health, healing, and safe consumption.

To spark discussion and educate its guests, the Wellness Tour begins with an informational video and Q&A session. The exclusive footage presents a fireside chat with Dr. Joe Cohen, a Boulder-based practitioner of functional medicine and MMJ prescriber since 2010. As Medical Director of Holos Health, he is widely considered an expert in the field of cannabis medicine.

Giving Back to the Wellness Community

To show their commitment to serving the healthcare and wellness communities of Denver, Verde Natural and My 420 Tours are gifting three seats on each weekly tour to patients in need. They’re also working toward wheelchair-accessible transportation and facility access.

“These tickets are part of our mission,” says Rudy Ellenbogen, CEO of Verde Natural, which serves patients treating everything from chronic pain to PTSD to opioid addiction. “It’s the least we can do for our customers. They want to learn about plant medicine, and we’re here to help with that.”

Join the Wellness Tour Launch Party

On Sunday, February 11th, My 420 Tours has planned a special Wellness Tour launch party with Dr. Cohen and his team. Denver media and wellness community members will also be on board. For this tour only, tickets are 50% off with the discount code WELLNESS while supplies last.

Date: Sunday, February 11, 2018

Time: 11am – 2pm tour, 2pm – 4pm party at My 420 Tours

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