You’ve booked your flight to Denver. You’ve found a place to stay — whether it’s a vacation rental or one of Denver’s infamous 420-friendly hotels. Your Denver vacation is shaping up pretty nicely. But what will you do once you’re there?

Don’t fret — we’ve got you covered. Not only do we organize Denver’s most popular tours, we’re also a bunch of locals (and even a few rare natives) who know this city inside and out. Whether you’re looking for the passwords into the Denver speakeasy scene, wondering what’s the deal with Blucifer the blue airport horse, trying to plan the ultimate 21st birthday party trip, or just looking for a really dope Denver date night idea for you and your bae, just ask us.

danny schaeferDanny Schaefer, Fearless Leader (CEO)

Top Denver Vacation Tip:  

Explore the city. It’s a small city, and you can see a lot in one day — whether you’re walking, biking, or using city transport. Hipster restaurants, contemporary art, the historic Mint tour, and much more all within the same few square miles.

Denver is a rare “three nines” location. This means that in the same day, you can do nine runs at a nearby ski resort, play nine holes of golf, and catch nine innings of baseball. I make it a point to do a “three nines” day every year.


Denver vacation summit lake


kelleyanne buchananKelleyanne Buchanan, The General (Director of Sales)

Top Denver Vacation Tip:

The mountains are right there! Go explore Colorado and all the great things it has to offer.


alyse morganAlyse Morgan, The Profesor (Head Tour Guide)

Top Denver Vacation Tip:

I know more about the Denver food scene than Yelp and TripAdvisor combined. Denver’s best-kept secret is Machete Tacos. Ask me for a personalized restaurant recommendation.


patrick baileyPatrick Bailey, The Chef (Food Experience Guide)

Top Denver Vacation Tip:

Educate yourself about cannabis while you’re here, and ask a lot of questions! Don’t be shy. That way, when you return to your home state, you can educate those around you and keep the truth alive.


Denver vacation red rocks


eric weberEric Weber, The Weedmeister (Sales Support)

Top Denver Vacation Tip:

Drink Water. Lots of water. Also, visit Red Rocks Amphitheater, because it’s the best outdoor concert venue I’ve ever seen. I went to my first concert there when I was in 7th grade and I went to see Psychedelic Furs and Shot in the Dark with my math teacher and eight friends. I’ve gone to at least one concert a year there ever since


heather coxHeather Cox, The Countess (Bookkeeper)

Top Denver Vacation Tip:

Bring sunglasses. The sunshine here is no joke!


Denver vacation union station


Matt RolandMatt Roland, The Answer (Director of Sponsorships)

Top Denver Vacation Tip:

Visit Colfax Avenue. Not only is it the longest continuous street in the USA, it really showcases the Denver vibe and community. If you want a “local” experience, dine at one of the many local restaurants, or visit one of the local bars. You won’t be disappointed!


El Medhi Loraoui, The Sheikh (Account Manager)

Top Denver Vacation Tip:

Go Visit Buffalo Bill’s Grave (Lookout Mountain) on a clear day. It has what is, to me, the most beautiful view of the city and its amazing skyline. You can see Golden, the Coors brewery from the top of a mountain, and all the way to the airport.


Michael Kodat, The Wrangler (Executive Coordinator)

Top Denver Vacation Tip:

If you are buying cannabis in flower form and have no clue what to pick, take the sage wisdom of Toucan Sam and follow your nose… it always knows.



Bobby Pachello, The Fixer (Hotel Relations)

Top Denver Vacation Tip:

See a show at Red Rocks. It will change your life!


Gage DunnGage Dunn, The Shaman (Tour Guide)

Top Denver Vacation Tip:

Be prepared to not want to leave. Denver as a city is amazing but what surrounds the city is what makes Colorado the best place to be. The beer and cannabis are cool but most importantly the mountains are what keep us all so humble.

Nick Brogna, Nick of All Trades (Tour Guide)

Top Denver Vacation Tip:

Denver is a really fun, easy city to explore on foot, if you want to leave the rental at the hotel. Just remember the numbered avenues get higher as you get further North – if you get turned around just find 16th Street, Denver’s downtown pedestrian mall, check the maps at the street corners and hop on the free Mall Ride shuttle!

bailey the nuggetBailey, The Ambassador (Welcome Committee)

Top Denver Vacation Tip:

There are a LOT of fun parks, hikes, and Denver breweries to go to, which is what my human and I do on the weekends. You really can’t go wrong in Denver, since it is pretty much the dog-friendliest city in the world!



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