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It’s culture shock. That moment when out-of-towners (flatlanders, as we tend to call them) come to the Mile High City, and they visit the Denver recreational dispensaries for the first time. They walk through the door, show their ID, and then freeze. They’re overwhelmed by all the feelings, all the beauty, all the choices. It’s that stunned silence as they think, “Is this real?” Yes, dear flatlander friends, it’s real. You’re not in Kansas anymore, and we’re here to guide your altitude-dizzy selves along Denver’s Green Brick Road to the wonderful Land of OG. You’ve got friends at My 420 Tours who have been to Denver’s pot shops more than a few times. The gang here knows what’s good, and we’re always happy to share our favorite finds.

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Pro tip: when we say “flower”, we mean cannabis in bud form (as opposed to an edible, concentrate, or all the other wonders you’ll behold at the recreational dispensary). If you call it “flower” too, you’ll sound just like a Denverite. You’re welcome.

danny schaeferDanny Schaefer, CEO

Favorite thing to buy at Denver recreational dispensaries:

As a connoisseur, when I’m looking for a really top-shelf experience, I shop for flower — mostly using my nose. As a busy entrepreneur, I shop for vaporizers loaded with the best concentrates because they’re just so portable and convenient when you’re on the go.

alyse morganAlyse Morgan, Head Tour Guide

Favorite thing to buy at Denver recreational dispensaries:

I have fallen in love with live resin. I dab to sleep, and it works every time!

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Gage DunnGage Dunn, Tour Guide

Favorite thing to buy at Denver recreational dispensaries:

I honestly go in phases, and change what I consume by the month but mostly concentrates.


patrick baileyPatrick Bailey, Food Experience Guide

Favorite thing to buy at Denver recreational dispensaries:

Flower. As a person who uses cannabis, I find it helps me in the multiple ways. It’s relaxing, calming, and elevating. If you let it, it can open your mind to different ways of thinking and boost your creative energy.

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eric weberEric Weber, Sales Support

Favorite thing to buy at Denver recreational dispensaries:

I like caviar cones, of either the indica or sativa variety. Basically, it’s good marijuana with keef on top of it to make it more potent.

Nick Brogna, Tour Guide

Favorite thing to buy at Denver recreational dispensaries:

I like flower for the pleasurable, meditative experience of rolling and smoking a joint to unwind at the end of the day, but my true cannabis love is concentrates as they are the perfect marriage of flavor, efficiency and potency; plus the science behind making them excites the part of me that just likes to geek out on things and stay up late doing research.

heather coxHeather Cox, Bookkeeper

Favorite thing to buy at Denver recreational dispensaries:

Weed! My preferred way to smoke is a hand-rolled J, so flower is a must.


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Bobby Pachello, Hotel Relations

Favorite thing to buy at Denver recreational dispensaries:

Everything! There’s always something new to try.


Matt RolandMatt Roland, Director of Sponsorships

Favorite thing to buy at Denver recreational dispensaries:

I would consider myself a “cannisseur”. Although I like all cannabis products, I will probably always love high-quality flower. However, live resin is quickly becoming one of my favorite products. The aroma and taste profiles are unlike anything else out there.

El Medhi Loraoui, Account Manager

Favorite thing to buy at Denver recreational dispensaries:

I would have to go with high-grade flower. But, I do love all the awesome innovative products such as inhalers, disposable vapes, tinctures, and lotions.

Michael Kodat, Executive Coordinator

Favorite thing to buy at Denver recreational dispensaries:

I’m not very original in this regard as I absolutely love flower. Concentrates are becoming more and more popular for good reason as extraction technology advances, particularly in regards to Live Resin. However, for me nothing beats following my nose into a jar of delicious homegrown buds or checking out the unique strains that Denver’s countless cultivation operations have been breeding. Banana Kush and Durban Poison are hands down my two favorites, but if you dig around you can find odd strains like Wavy Gravy, which actually smells like gravy. Good hunting!

bailey the nuggetBailey, The Ambassador

Favorite thing to buy at Denver recreational dispensaries:

Charlotte’s Web ‘Paws’, a CBD infusion for dogs which you can actually pick up at the My 420 Tours HQ.


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Tips for Visiting Denver Recreational Dispensaries

Learn the rules.

Be 21+, don’t sell, don’t drive, don’t consume in public, and don’t bring your stash across state lines. Any questions? Check out Good to Know. 

Learn the etiquette.

Before you join a smoke circle full of locals, brush up on the principles of puff puff pass and other points of etiquette.

Enjoy the city!

Don’t stay in and scroll through funny weed memes on your phone. We’re full of ideas for fun things to do while high, where to go on a Denver date night, and how to celebrate special occasions like a bachelor party or a 21st birthday party. Just jump on tour and ask us.


Sushi Rolling Class Denver

Sushi & Joint Rolling

Every Thu, Fri, and Sat at 7PM
$79 Per Person
Play. Roll. Eat. Drink. Smoke! This class is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to roll authentic sushi and joints.
View Details

Budz & Sudz

Every Thu and Fri at 3PM
$79 Per Person
Play. Indulge. Enjoy. Party! The best of Colorado Craft Brews and Cannabis awaits you on this adventure.
View Details

Verde Wellness Tour

Every Sun at 11AM
$119 Per Person
Learn. Heal. Nurture. Soothe. Find the crossroads of cannabis and wellness at Verde Natural’s grow and dispensary.
View Details

VIP Grow & Dispensary Tour

Every Sat at 11AM
$89 Per Person
Learn. Explore. Enjoy. Discover! Tour a giant cultivation facility where you can learn about the cultivation of cannabis from clone to harvest.
View Details

Marijuana Concentrates Tour

Every Fri at 4PM
$69 Per Person
Enjoy. Explore. Learn. Concentrates. Enjoy a deep dive into cannabis concentrates, FREE Bakked product sampling,
View Details

Grow & Dispensary Tour

Every Tue – Fri at 12PM
$49 Per Person
Discover. Learn. Grow. Enjoy. Explore. Witness a true behind-the-scenes look at one of Colorado’s best cultivation facilities.
View Details


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