To begin, Yoga is one of the century-old practices that have amassed a large following over the past few years. Yogists (those who practise yoga) perform poses to sync with their inner self and enjoy a myriad of other positive effects. Although there are varying arguments, we can all agree with the relevance and health benefits of yoga in our society. To clarify, like a physical workout, yoga increases flexibility, muscle tone, blood circulation and balanced metabolism as well as cardiovascular health. 

Additionally, Yoga masters and teachers use different approaches in their classes, which explains the various types of yoga available today. In short, Yoga connects one with self by allowing you to calm down and take a more in-depth perspective of your existence. Actually, cannabis-infused yoga, or ganja yoga, is one of the variants that are gaining global traction. As more states reclassify cannabis and cannabis products, yogists are beginning to reconsider marijuana’s therapeutic and mental potential in their practice.


Cannabis Infused Yoga on mat

A brief overview of cannabis-infused yoga

Secondly, combining cannabis with yoga is not a new practice. Furthermore, researchers have already proven the existence of both ancient practices. As a matter of fact, the use of marijuana to promote relaxation and mental health or to prepare for focused meditation is a common phenomenon in many yoga traditions. Conversely, groups are debating its relevance on both sides. Those in support of cannabis-infused yoga point to the calming effects of THC and the medicinal benefits of CBD. On the other hand, some insist that the cannabis effects are numbing, therefore not comparable to the relaxation achieved from a sober state. 

Nevertheless, using cannabis to elevate consciousness during ceremonies and prayers is an age-old practice. To explain, yogists who smoke marijuana also continue to attest to positive effects and a much higher tuning and self-awareness. To join the club of those yogists, in some areas you can mail order marijuana, and it will be delivered at your doorstep or convenient location.

Also, there is increasing evidence on the medical benefits of cannabis, and we can all acknowledge the role that yoga plays in slowing down an otherwise busy lifestyle. But where do the two meet and can they combine to support mental health?


How cannabis-infused yoga helps your mind



First, according to the American Psychological Association, yoga is a powerful tool for psychotherapy. Besides its physical benefits as a workout routine, yoga enhances social well-being and promotes a sense of belonging to something bigger. By the same token, it also alleviates the symptoms of depression, hyperactivity, and attention-deficit and sleep disorder. As a result, a 2013 Huffington Post also notes that combining yoga with drug treatment can relieve the symptoms of schizophrenia. Additionally, the British Psychological Society also recognizes the potential of practices such as yoga, meditation, prayer and deep-breathing in reducing stress and nervous system imbalances that stem from stress.


Mood lifting benefits

Furthermore, mood elevation is one of the widespread benefits of cannabis. To expain, according to research, cannabinoids from cannabis interact with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS), to reduce inflammation. CBD also aids neurochemical balance. With that said, when you take CBD, it attaches to the CB1 receptors in your ECS and immediately increases the production of anandamide. Also, when combined with yoga practice, these two are tools for reaching a relaxed stress-free state. Yoga is also a type of workout, so it will stretch your muscles and relieve the tension in your body and you can get a better night’s sleep from CBD.


Stress, anxiety and depression management

Moving along, both yoga and medicinal cannabis can reduce stress and depression symptoms. That is to say, most psychotherapists recommend cannabis and yoga as a possible solution for treating chronic depression and stress. At any rate, the yoga will keep you fit and healthy, reducing cortisol levels in your system. Cannabis, on the other hand, provides a wide array of medicinal benefits that improve the production of serotonin and different mood softening compounds. Taking CBD, for instance, can calm your nerves allowing you to step outside the analytical zone of your prefrontal cortex, and focus on your yoga experience. However, you need to use high-quality cannabis with the right balance of natural medicinal compounds. As a final point, if you are looking for premium quality marijuana, then click here and discover a wide variety of such seeds.


Preventing tumors in the brain

Tumor prevention goes back to the anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD and cannabis in general. Further, recent studies have shown that cannabis has more benefits to patients of chronic pain, cancer and those undergoing chemotherapy. To explain, as an anti-inflammatory, marijuana helps to fight tumors cells and swelling. Also, increasing your mental health involves sharpening your thinking and getting in the best mindset to tackle everyday challenges. With that said, it also means taking good care of your health and brain through diet, exercise and making the best lifestyle choices. Moreover, cannabis helps to balance your nervous system and prevent tumors while yoga increases blood circulation and nutrient supply. Last but not least, Yoga also adds a spiritual lift to the mix.


Heightened focus and self-awareness

Besides physical fitness, self-awareness and heightened attention are the primary goals of most yoga classes. We are here to tell you, cannabis-infused yoga classes can help you achieve heightened focus and concentrate on movement, posture and awareness of the environment. Also, Yoga boosts confidence and develops your thinking from a flight to a fight mode. And, it aims at cultivating your perception and belief in self. Subsequently, this allows you to consciously relate with other people and take a step back to analyze any situation. Moreover, it gives you the will power to confront any challenges and focus on what is essential in your life. Conveniently, you can practice yoga safely at home, and several states also allow you to grow your cannabis. Buying high-quality cannabis is a great move to start if you are looking for premium quality cannabis for your yoga classes.



To conclude, in Ayurveda, marijuana is “nectar” if you use it as a medicine, and “poison” when you abuse it. That is to say it does not mean you cannot use it to elevate your moods and increase self-awareness during a fun event. Conversely, all debates surrounding the appropriateness of cannabis and its use, one conclusion remains prevalent. It all boils down to why you are using it and what you want to achieve. The fact is, infusing yoga with cannabis can potentially unlock health and mental benefits. Nonetheless, you must maintain purpose. Most importantly, it is crucial that you choose high-quality cannabis products and highly effective yoga practices.


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