Weed jobs are hot. Reporting on the booming legal cannabis industry, The List picked out three fascinating weed businesses that are creating jobs in mindblowing ways. My 420 Tours is thrilled to be listed.

We have much love for the fellow ganjapreneurs who were listed alongside us on this exclusive roundup. Their own innovative businesses are worthy of another shout-out here.

Bud + Breakfast

First on the list was Joe Schneider, our good friend and founder of Bud + Breakfast. When Colorado legalized marijuana, he gave up his law practice in order to come out here and found something special. Seeing the need for a 420-friendly accommodations, he opened his B&B which is now famous for its “wake and bake” breakfast.

On the future of legal week, Joe is nothing but optimistic. “I don’t think there’s any going back,” he says. “I see a country where all 50 states are legal.”

Jane West

In other trendy ancillary business news, Jane West has brought cannabis accessories into the mainstream with designer home goods. She sees a future where glassware smoking devices are as prevalent as wine glasses — on display and presented to guests when entertaining at home.

Jane actually got her start in the cannabis events space, designing events around edibles and infused cuisine. She was amazed by the amount of media traction it gained and saw a lot of promise. And as her position on this list proves, the media love just keeps piling up.

My 420 Tours

Saving the best for last, The List interviewed our very own JJ and Danny about “using their ganja gig to educate others.”

“The innovation of cannabis has outpaced education,” noted Danny. “So the most common phrase we hear is ‘how is this different than the weed I smoked in high school or college?’”

The interview highlights the experience as the product — My 420 Tours allows its guests to really experience the industry, with everything from an ever-popular sushi and joint rolling class to the classic grow op and dispensary tour to cannabis cooking classes.

Breaking into the industry

For those who daydream about trading their own 9-to-5 for a “higher calling”, there’s still no limit to the kinds of ancillary businesses that can spring up around growing and selling cannabis. Just think about your talents and passions and imagine ways to turn them green.

As JJ advised on a recent podcast interview, “Take what your skills are in the real world, and think about how you can apply them to this new industry that needs so much help in so many different areas.”

For those who want to join My 420 Tours, keep an eye out for openings and get in touch through our Engage Page.

Do you have an innovative idea for an ancillary cannabusiness, but you’re not sure where to start? Our industry insider tours are just the beginning. Danny and JJ have been advising budding ganjapreneurs for years. Get in touch to schedule a consultation with two of the most ambitious business leaders in Denver, and get your idea started out on the right foot.

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